Technology Decision Tool

Striking a Balance - New Tool Provides Cost/Benefit Analysis for Public Safety

As budgets shrink and public safety needs grow, agencies must keep a watchful eye on the bottom line. Although officer and community safety is always a priority, efficiency of operations is a key consideration when making purchasing decisions. The Technology Decision Tool helps agencies make safe and sound acquisitions.

The new tool was developed by NLECTC with input from technology experts from both large and small agencies who have first-hand experience in successfully evaluating and implementing technology projects. It guides agencies through a customized cost/benefit analysis exercise to help them make the best decisions for their officers and their communities. It directs decision-making based on needs, availability of technology and life-cycle costs of products and training. Safety considerations meet budget realities and viable solutions are offered and evaluated.

Want to see how the Technology Decision Tool can help your agency? Test drive it here.

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