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Striking a Balance - New Tool Provides Cost/Benefit Analysis for Public Safety

As budgets shrink and public safety needs grow, agencies must keep a watchful eye on the bottom line. Although officer and community safety is always a priority, efficiency of operations is a key consideration when making purchasing decisions. The Technology Decision Tool helps agencies make safe and sound acquisitions.

The new tool was developed by NLECTC with input from technology experts from both large and small agencies who have first-hand experience in successfully evaluating and implementing technology projects. It guides agencies through a customized cost/benefit analysis exercise to help them make the best decisions for their officers and their communities. It directs decision-making based on needs, availability of technology and life-cycle costs of products and training. Safety considerations meet budget realities and viable solutions are offered and evaluated.

Want to see how the Technology Decision Tool can help your agency? Test drive it here.

New from CBKB: Using Cost-Benefit Analysis for Justice Policymaking
Read the latest white paper from the BJA-funded Cost-Benefit Knowledge Bank for Criminal Justice (CBKB), "Using Cost-Benefit Analysis for Justice Policymaking." This paper is intended to help government officials and their staff; policymakers; corrections, community corrections, court and law enforcement personnel; and service providers know what to look for in a justice-related CBA understand what cost-benefits mean and use those results to inform their decisions.

BJA Leadership Participates in Law Enforcement Forecasting Group

Troy Nece and Bhaskar Roy (at podium); BJA Director O'Donnell and BJA Deputy Director Mahoney

Troy Nece and Bhaskar Roy (at podium); BJA Director O'Donnell and BJA Deputy Director Mahoney

On April 3-4, 2014 the Target Corporation in Minneapolis hosted the Institute for Intergovernmental Research's Law Enforcement Forecasting Group (LEFG) meeting. The LEFG, composed of criminal justice executives and researchers, was created to identify emerging issues and trends and to explore tactics and strategies that might assist law enforcement agencies in providing quality police services. The meeting, which included LEFG members, BJA leadership (BJA Director O'Donnell and BJA Deputy Director Kristen Mahoney), and guest participants, provided a unique opportunity for cutting-edge discussions focused on unusual partnerships and data analytics. Participants heard presentations from members of Target's Corporate Security Team, received a tour of Target's Corporate Command Center and engaged in group discussions regarding predictive analytics, unique public-private partnerships, and blending of research, analysis, and policing. The meeting examined private sector innovations that can be leveraged in the criminal justice arena to enhance public safety, explore anticipated emerging or future criminal justice issues and identify actionable next steps for LEFG focus. The LEFG identified a number of potential opportunities for public-private sector partnerships and other programs and priority areas for further exploration. Read more about the LEFG.
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