The National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) assists NIJ with the development of standards and operates a standards-based compliance testing program (CTP) in which equipment such as ballistic- and stab-resistant body armor, double-locking metallic handcuffs and semiautomatic pistols are tested on a pass/fail basis. NLECTC also conducts comparative evaluations (testing equipment under field conditions) on patrol vehicles, patrol vehicle tires and replacement brake pads, and cut-, puncture-, and pathogen-resistant gloves. To learn more about specific programs, please click on the links in the “NIJ Resources” box below.

Tools of the Trade

The NIJ Standards and Testing Program develops and publishes equipment standards that specifically address the needs of law enforcement, corrections and other criminal justice agencies. The goal is to ensure to the degree possible that equipment is safe, reliable and performs according to established minimum requirements.

Standards Open for Comment

There are currently no standards open for comment, please check back often.

To see a list of standards that have recently been open click here.


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