Dive Computers Assessment Report Summary

Executive Summary

In August 2011, the System Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders (SAVER) Program conducted a comparative assessment of dive computers to provide emergency responders with information that will assist them when making operational and procurement decisions.  Dive computers are valuable tools used by public safety divers to provide important safety information when conducting search and rescue, evidence collection, mapping, and survey operations in deep and shallow water environments as well as in underwater caves.  Safety information typically output by a dive computer may include current depth, maximum depth, dive time remaining at depth, rate of ascent, ambient temperature, and decompression status.  The results of this assessment are intended to help emergency responder agencies make informed decisions when procuring dive computers.

The overall results of the assessment are highlighted in the following table:

Assessment Results

Acoustic Surveillance Device Comparative Assessment Report Chart

Criteria Ratings

Dive Computers Assessment Report Summary Criteria Ratings Chart

Full Review

Emergency responder agencies that consider purchasing dive computers should carefully consider each product’s overall capabilities and limitations in relation to their agency’s operational needs. For a full report including assessment methodology, see the full report.