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CTRC logoThis site is an expansion of the Electronic Monitoring Resource Center and is dedicated to providing public sector agencies with information regarding the wide variety of technologies used in correctional settings, both institutional and community-based. This site is managed by JTIC, a program of the National Institute of Justice.

This site is strictly for law enforcement and corrections professionals. The intent is to provide a secure environment for sharing information and exchanging ideas.

The site also provides a Forum that can be used by members to communicate directly with each other and to discuss areas of common concern.


The Corrections Technology Center of Excellence has developed a new resource: A Practical Guide to Offender Tracking Evidence Protocols. This guide is a compilation of best practices and helpful advice from criminal justice professionals experienced with offender tracking evidence and protocols. It seeks to promote more effective practices related to offender tracking evidence collection, preservation and presentation.

Information in this publication is considered law enforcement sensitive. Criminal justice personnel can request a copy by going online to: https://www.justnet.org/app/asknlectc/

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