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Criminal Justice Electronic Crime Technology Center of Excellence


The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) established the Electronic Crime Technology Center of Excellence (ECTCoE) to assist in building the electronic crime prevention and investigation and digital evidence collection and examination capacity of state and local law enforcement. The ECTCoE staff works with the NIJ Office of Science & Technology Electronic Crime Portfolio and colleagues in law enforcement, academia and the private sector to provide state and local law enforcement with the electronic crime and digital evidence tools, technology and training they will need to serve the public with the highest degree of expertise, increase the number of successful investigations involving electronic crime and digital evidence, and achieve the highest possible prosecution to conviction rate. The ECTCoE’s goal is to leverage the tools, technology and training developed through NIJ grant-funded projects to add value to each project and to the overall Electronic Crime Portfolio mission.

To accomplish this goal the ECTCoE will:

  • Identify electronic crime and digital evidence tools, technologies and training gaps.
  • Assist in the review of ongoing research and development efforts.
  • Facilitate outreach.
  • Coordinate demonstrations of NIJ-funded technologies.

These roles are accomplished through direct dialogue and interaction with state and local law enforcement practitioners assigned the responsibilities of investigating, preventing and assisting in the prosecution of electronic crime as well as those assigned the responsibilities of collecting and examining digital evidence. In addition to these practitioners, the ECTCoE also maintains direct dialogue with the law enforcement agency chiefs, administrators and prosecuting attorneys responsible for supervision of practitioners and the operation of the units in which they work.