Evidence-Based Policing

How do we find what works to prevent crime and improve citizen trust and confidence in the police? One approach is to use research to evaluate the effectiveness of police tactics in accomplishing both these goals. JTIC is partnering with the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing to cull the resources that agencies can use to develop strategies for their jurisdictions.

The Value of Research Data to Guide Policing Strategy

Evidence-Based Policing uses research findings to guide which strategies are best suited to reduce crime in the communities they serve while maintaining the public’s trust. This is accomplished by accessing the ample supply of recognized research on the effectiveness of policing strategies to address common policing challenges, and then translating that research to guide the everyday tactics used by law enforcement agencies.

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As of September 30, 2019, the Justice Technology Information Center (JTIC) program has ended. For inquiries on technology and public safety, please contact the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) at:


Top Online Resources

Evidence-Based Policing Matrix

Shows visually the studies evaluating policing tactics across 3 dimensions, resulting in 3-D cluster of effective tactics that police can use to guide policy and practice.

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Crime Reduction Toolkit

Ratings-based guide to crime reduction strategies in the UK such as CCTV, drug courts, police patrols. Better evidence for better policing.

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POP Center Website

Nonprofit website with learning center, publications library on topic and free access to POP guides.

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American Society of Evidence-Based Policing
American Society of Evidence-Based Policing

Non-profit founded by working police officers to drive the national conversation on safe, fair, effective policing strategies for preventing crime and improving community wellness.

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The Campbell Collaboration

An international research network producing systematic review of studies in policing interventions, including problem-oriented, pulling-levers and hotspot policing.

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CrimeSolutions.gov--Reliable Reseearch.Real Results.

Ratings-based website of programs in criminal justice, juvenile justice and crime victim services.

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Global Policing Database

Searchable database of published and unpublished experimental and quasi-experimental evaluations of policing interventions conducted since 1950. Ver. 1.0 released in June 2015.

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 Benchmarking Portal from IACP, IACPnet
Improve your agency’s metrics and advance policing with this free Benchmarking Portal from IACP, IACPnet.

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Resource List Based on Police Chief Article

Source: Lorraine Mazerolle and Peter Martin, “Accessing the Evidence in Policing: Six Helpful Websites,” the Police Chief 83 (August 2016): 62-66.

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