5/31/2019: Important Announcement about CTP Transition

NIJ Advisory Notices and NIJ Safety Notices to Law Enforcement and Corrections Agencies

The CTP communicates general and potential safety concerns to law enforcement and corrections agencies via CTP Advisory Notices. These notices inform interested parties that the CTP has concerns with the body armor model(s) being reviewed and evaluated. Additionally, the model(s) in question have been suspended from the Compliant Products List, pending completion of the review and evaluation process. The CTP will promptly communicate all resolutions with law enforcement and corrections agencies.

Additionally, the CTP shall communicate recognized safety concerns to law enforcement and corrections agencies via NIJ Safety Notices stating that the body armor model in question has been removed from the Compliant Products List due to safety concerns and any body armor of this model should be replaced as soon as possible.

View Active NIJ Advisory, Non-compliance and Safety Notices

Closed NIJ Advisory Notices: These involve FIT-tested armor models that had issues previously identified as being non-compliant with the requirements of the CTP and, through an established CTP process, the issues were satisfactorily resolved. Generally, this means that all affected armors have been accounted for by the Applicant, all affected end users have been notified by the Applicant, a root cause analysis has been conducted by the Applicant and the appropriate corrective actions have been implemented by the Applicant to ensure repeated occurrences of the identified issue(s) do not occur. The CTP considers an Advisory Notice to be closed when the Applicant has provided sufficient documentation and evidence that all of these conditions have been met.

View closed NIJ Advisory and Non-compliance Notices

Law enforcement and corrections officers are always encouraged to continue wearing any armor for which a Notice has been issued until the issue has been resolved or until it can be replaced.

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