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In This Issue: December 13, 2018
NLECTC Spotlight

Visit to Read "A Behavioral Study of American 'Homegrown' Terrorist Offenders”

There is no uniform profile of a jihadist terrorist, but individuals who become radicalized to terrorism tend to follow a predictable process. Radicalization generally proceeds over the course of several years, although the pace of the radicalization has accelerated since 2010. NIJ-supported research promotes a broader understanding of the signs and symptoms of radicalization and may assist law enforcement in developing better assessment protocols for intervention programs.

In this study, researchers examined detailed forensic biographies of 135 American jihadism-inspired homegrown terrorists, all judged to have become radicalized while living in the United States. Researchers suggest four policy recommendations based on the evidence. Read the article at

FTCoE Releases Video From Bloodstain Pattern Analysis on Textiles Workshop

The Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FTCoE) has released highlights from the October 2017 Bloodstain Pattern Analysis on Textiles Workshop held at North Carolina State University. In this workshop, participants learned and explored key properties of textiles that dictate how they interact with blood, how their manufacture alters these properties, how small bloodstains develop on textile substrates and how blood transfers from one surface to another. To learn more about the workshop and read the associated summary report, visit

Check Out Videos on Change to Uniform Crime Reporting System

A change is coming to the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program in America. On Jan. 1, 2021, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will retire the Summary Reporting System (SRS) and transition to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) to collect and maintain crime data.

Law enforcement agencies across the country have started implementing NIBRS and are already seeing the benefits. Learn more about making the transition to NIBRS by visiting to watch several videos about the change.

COPS Office Announces Launch of Video Series, What's New in Blue; Releases New Episode of The Beat

The Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Office has launched What's New in Blue, a series of short videos intended to keep viewers informed about innovative developments and critical issues in law enforcement. Episodes feature informative discussions about ideas worth spreading throughout American policing in a format useful for viewing in roll call or training classes, or sharing with colleagues and across social media. Episode 1, Season 1, features Dr. Jon Sheinberg, a board-certified cardiologist and sworn officer from Texas who discusses the prevalence of coronary disease in law enforcement and offers suggested measures for officers to prevent heart attacks. Visit

And don't forget to check out the newest episode of The Beat, the podcast series from the COPS Office. In the latest episode, Hank Stawinski, chief of the Prince George's County Police Department in Maryland, discusses officer safety and balancing the needs and demands of officers and communities in the aftermath of traumatic incidents. Listen at


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NIJ Research Assistantship Program (RAP), applications are now being accepted. Deadline to submit your application packet is January 25, 2019.
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Federal Funding Resources:

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DOJ Program Plan: See summary details of the funding opportunities each DOJ grant-making component is expecting to release or has released in the current fiscal year.

DOJ Grants Financial Guide: Learn about the laws, rules and regulations that affect the financial and administrative management of an OJP award.

Criminal Justice Technology in the News

Law Enforcement News

Beagle Sniffs Out Email Scammers, (12/05/2018), Patrick Marshall
Researchers at New York University have created a forensic software that scans streams of email content and metadata and places the results in a visual interface to highlight suspicious connections. Known as Beagle for its ability to "sniff out” evidence, NYU is offering the software to law enforcement agencies at no cost.
Link to Article

Officers Use Social Media to Catch Illegal Hunting
WOWK, (12/05/2018), Alex Wilkins
When hunters post photos of their kills on social media without registering them with the state, West Virginia Department of Natural Resources officers can use the photos as evidence for filing charges. One illegal kill can expose hunters to several charges and varying levels of fines.
Link to Article

Police Transition to New Load-bearing Vests for Comfort and Flexibility, (12/07/2018)
The West Liberty (Idaho) Police Department recently purchased load-bearing vests for its officers, allowing them to remove 30 pounds of equipment from around their waists. Rather, the new vests provided carrying pockets and clips for handcuffs, Tasers, tourniquets and more, allowing the weight to be distributed more evenly around an officer's body. The new vests should help to reduce back and hip pain and strain.
Link to Article

One Killed, Police Officer and Others Injured in Calif. Gunfight, (12/10/2018), Larry Valenzuela for the Fresno Bee
A Tulare, Calif., police officer who was shot in the torso and hand survived a December 8 shooting without serious injury thanks to his ballistic-resistant vest. The shooting took place following a 7 p.m. car chase; a police dog was killed and another person seriously injured.
Link to Article

Operation Hands On Teaches Maine Drivers How They Should Act When Police Pull Them Over
Bangor Daily News (12/11/2018), Charles Eichacker
The Courageous Steps Project and Beal College have teamed up on a course that teaches students at the college's driving academy how to react when stopped by police. The students practice keeping their hands on the wheel and staying calm during a role-play traffic stop with a local law enforcement officer.
Link to Article

GBI IDs Woman Killed After Shooting Calhoun Officer in Arm at Gas Station
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, (12/12/2018), Zachary Hansen and Chelsea Prince
A 27-year-old woman was fatally wounded by police after she fired on officers from a car parked outside a gas station in Calhoun, Ga., police said. One officer was hit in his ballistic-resistant vest and the round ricocheted off his cellphone, hitting him in the arm. He is expected to recover.
Link to Article

Sting Uses Fake Amazon Boxes, GPS to Catch Would-be Thieves
Washington Post, (12/11/2018), David Porter for the Associated Press
In Jersey City, the police department and Amazon are working together to install doorbell cameras and plant dummy packages with GPS tracking capability on city porches. The first "bait box” snatch took place after only three minutes. Amazon's assistance comes free of charge.
Link to Article

Corrections News

IDOC's One-stop Reentry Center Aims to Ease Transition From Prison to Society
Idaho Press, (12/05/2018), Emily Lowe
The Idaho Department of Corrections' new One-Stop Re-entry Center seeks to provide just released prisoners with social support, a safe place to live and meaningful employment, three key factors in decreasing recidivism. Funded by a three-year, $1.5 million grant, program staff begin working with prisoners 60 days prior to their scheduled release.
Link to Article

Texas Prisons to Start 3D-printing Dentures for Toothless Inmates
Houston Chronicle, (12/10/2018), Keri Blakinger
Following a Houston Chronicle investigation revealing that toothless inmates in Texas prisons had to gum food or drink it pureed rather than be fitted for dentures, the Texas Department of Corrections has announced plans to begin 3D printing dentures on sight for inmates. The program will eliminate the need to transport prisoners outside for dental care.
Link to Article

Jailing People With Mental Illness Is a National Problem. The Solutions Are Local.
Virginian-Pilot, (12/06/2018), Gary Harki
This article is the second of a three-part series that takes an in-depth look at the high incarceration rates – often for minor crimes – for people with mental illness. The paper has tracked 434 jail deaths in the United States that have occurred since 2010. This segment looks at the ways some local jurisdictions are addressing the issue.
Link to Article

Minnesota Prison Program Aims to Prepare Inmates for Solar Jobs
Energy News Network, (12/03/2018), Frank Jossi
Instructors from the Midwest Renewable Energy Association taught a total of 30 soon-to-be-released inmates in two sessions of a 48-hour solar installer training course earlier this year. The Minnesota Department of Corrections does not yet know whether any of the men succeeded in finding jobs in this field after their release.
Link to Article

Cutting In-Person Jail Visits Doesn't Keep Contraband Out, Says The Prison Policy Initiative
Witness LA, (12/07/2018), Taylor Walker
Although many jails have eliminated in-person visits with inmates in the interest of cutting down on contraband such as drugs and cellphones, incidents related to contraband continue. Studies have shown that the majority of contraband found in prisons comes from correctional employees rather than visitors. Other research indicates that inmates who have regular contact with their loved ones are less likely to re-offend. As a result, legislation and policies have begun to address the issue.
Link to Article

Computer Tablets Boost Inmate Education and Behavior
Spartan News Room, (12/07/2018), Jeremy Wahr for the Capital News Service
The highest-security prisoners in Michigan have been given access to some 750 tablets they can use both to further their education and for entertainment. In addition to helping them learn skills that could help them find employment after release, the threat of revoking tablet privileges as a penalty for misbehavior has helped decrease in-prison incidents as well.
Link to Article

This Course Helps Former Prisoners Learn the Tech They Missed in Jail
Fast Company, (12/07/2018), Eillie Anzilotti
People returning to society from prison must face the task of catching up with new technology. Tech 101, a course offered by the Prisoner Reentry Institute at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, helps them learn the skills they need to succeed in employment and education.
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Is This What Prison Mail Looks Like Now?
Slate, (12/05/2018), Mia Armstrong
This article takes an in-depth look at Pennsylvania's new policy of providing inmates with scans, rather than the actual mail, in an attempt to reduce contraband drug smuggling. The commonwealth feels the program has succeeded in its goal, but inmates are not happy with the quality of the digital information they receive.
Link to Article

Computer Coding Program Is Expanding to Indiana's Incarcerated Kids
Indianapolis Star, (12/04/2018), Arika Herron
Indiana will extend The Last Mile, a California-based technology and business skills-training program for inmates, to young people incarcerated at the Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility next year. Indiana is one of three states benefiting from a $2 million, two-year grant to educate and certify 525 incarcerated youth, women and men in a business technology/soft-skills curriculum.
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