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In This Issue: December 6, 2018
NLECTC Spotlight

2019 Model Year Patrol Vehicle Evaluation Report Released

Since 1981, the National Institute of Justice, through the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Information Center system, has partnered with the Michigan State Police to conduct an annual patrol vehicle evaluation. You can find the just-released 2019 model year report, Police Vehicle Evaluation Model Year 2019, at

The purchase of patrol vehicles is one of the largest expenditures a law enforcement agency faces. For many years, police fleet administrators have had numerous choices to make when choosing a vehicle, including overall vehicle size, engine and transmission combinations, and other performance-enhancing options, all of which can affect the overall capabilities of the vehicle. To further complicate the selection process, the environment (e.g., urban, suburban, rural) in which the agency operates can also play a significant role. In the mid-1970s, MSP, as part of its annual vehicle procurement process, developed an evaluation program for police patrol vehicles. Under the program, manufacturers wishing to be considered for selection submit their vehicles, equipped to MSP performance specifications, for testing. MSP evaluates factors such as acceleration, top speed, braking and handling under simulated pursuit conditions. MSP also evaluates and rates the vehicles for factors such as ergonomics and ease of equipment installation.

Department of Homeland Security Offers Free Virtual Training Tool: Read About It on

Go to, Justice Technology Information Center's school safety website, to read "Gaining the "EDGE" on Virtual Training for Schools and First Responders." Learn about this new virtual training tool from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that offers schools and the first responder community the opportunity to work together on interactive, collaborative training. You can also check out some of the other entries in our Success Stories section, and then browse the calendar of events and more.

NIJ Journal Article Focuses on Officer-Driven Research

In a new NIJ Journal article, NIJ Law Enforcement Advancing Data and Science (LEADS) Scholar Lt. Jason Potts of the Vallejo (Calif.) Police Department discusses the disconnect between academic researchers and frontline officers, how law enforcement-based researchers like himself can help bridge that divide and how to design research to inform policy. You can read "Using Officer-Driven Research to Meet Policing Challenges" at


Federal Funding Opportunities:

For a list of all NIJ funding opportunities, go to:

For a list of all OJP funding opportunities, go to:

NIJ Research Assistantship Program (RAP), applications are now being accepted. Deadline to submit your application packet is January 25, 2019.
Federal Funding Webinars:

Recording Available: OJP FY 2018-19 Tribal Funding Policy Webinar

Federal Funding Resources:

OJP Funding Resource Center: Find current opportunities, solicitation requirements, forms and worksheets, and post-award instructions to help as you apply for and manage OJP awards.

DOJ Program Plan: See summary details of the funding opportunities each DOJ grant-making component is expecting to release or has released in the current fiscal year.

DOJ Grants Financial Guide: Learn about the laws, rules and regulations that affect the financial and administrative management of an OJP award.

Criminal Justice Technology in the News

Law Enforcement News

In a High-tech Age, 'Low-tech' Bloodhounds Still Used in Law Enforcement
News 12 New Jersey, (11/28/2018)
The Middlesex County (N.J.) Search and Rescue Team recently added a fourth bloodhound. The team uses dogs to find New Jersey residents with Alzheimer's or autism who have wondered off, as well as other missing persons; the dogs have been known to follow scents as much as 14 months old.
Link to Article

DNA Technology Can Create Unbelievable Suspect Sketches From Crime Scene Samples
KCBY 11, (11/29/2018), Joce Sterman and Alex Brauer for Circa
This article takes an in-depth look at Snapshot, a technology created by Parabon Labs that creates suspect sketches based on DNA. Some departments have used the technology to successfully solve cases, but it also has its drawbacks and critics.
Link to Article

Bullet-proof Vest Saves Ouachita Deputy; Shooter Sought, (12/2/2018), Nancy Cook
An Ouachita Parish, La., sheriff's deputy survived a shot in the back while on patrol thanks to his ballistic-resistant vest. The shot ricocheted off the vest into the backseat of the deputy's car. He had been responding to a report of a shooting; his partner took him to the hospital, where he was examined and released.
Link to Article

State Money Will Provide Personal Alarm Systems to 4,000 Teachers, Staff Members
Watertown Daily Times, (12/04/2018), Susan Mende
In New York's Lawrence County, more than 4,000 teachers and some staff members in 32 school districts and technical centers will begin wearing personal safety alarms linked to local first responders, thanks to funding from the state's Military Base Retention Fund. Buttons can be worn on a lanyard, attached to a belt or stowed in a pocket.
Link to Article

The Public, Police Use New Tools to Fight Theft by 'Porch Pirates'
San Bernadino Sun, (12/04/2018), Beatriz E. Valenzuela
This article looks a number of strategies being used to combat the growing number of package thefts from open porches. Strategies include using unmarked police cars to follow delivery trucks, sharing footage from home surveillance cameras with law enforcement and having packages delivered to alternate locations.
Link to Article

Corrections News

AI Tech: New Alcohol Interlock Stops Drunk Driving
The Green Sheet, (11/30/2018), Lynn Walford
The Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety Program (DADSS) is testing in-vehicle alcohol detection sensors that check when a driver has a blood alcohol concentration at or above the legal limit of 0.08 percent, with a goal of offering it as a safety option for new vehicles. Alcohol interlock devices can be a major deterrent against driving while intoxicated.
Link to Article

Jailed 'Iceman' Hacker Charged With Drone-smuggling Scheme Orchestrated From Behind Bars
Washington Times, (12/01/2018), Andrew Blake
An incarcerated computer hacker serving in federal custody recently was indicted on new charges involving smuggling contraband into a correctional facility. Max Ray Vision has been charged with nine federal counts allegedly involving smuggled cellphones, stolen banking data and a consumer-grade drone.
Link to Article

What a SC Extortion Plot Reveals About the Danger of Cellphones in Prison
Post and Courier, (11/29/2018), Gregory Yee
Four accused inmates appeared in federal court in Charleston, S.C., recently for arraignment on charges related to an extortion plot conducted by using contraband cellphones. An assistant U.S. attorney requested that the men, who pleaded not guilty, be held in federal custody in local jails because of the high prevalence of contraband cellphones in the South Carolina correctional system.
Link to Article

Operation "Cash Cow' Nets 106 Charges on Prison Contraband Hidden in Everyday Items
ABC 4 News, (11/30/2018), Anne Emerson
A South Carolina grand jury has indicted 17 defendants – including inmates, civilians and a corrections officer – on 106 charges related to smuggling contraband cellphones. Distribution methods for the devices included a bakery, a prison dairy farm and workers who had access to state house grounds.
Link to Article

Officials Recommend Better Training, Health Screenings, Funding To Address Utah's Jail Deaths
KUER 90.1, (11/282/2018), Erik Neumann
A report from the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice shows that almost 50 percent of deaths reported in the state's county jails over the past five years occurred during the first two weeks of an individual's incarceration. In addition, approximately one-half of all deaths were due to suicide. Recommendations from stakeholders based on the report include screening new inmates for substance abuse and mental health disorders, connecting corrections staff to trained health workers through telehealth technology and providing additional funding.
Link to Article

Upcoming Events

For additional information regarding Law Enforcement, Corrections and Courts events go to:

  • 31st Annual Crimes Against Children Conference, Dallas Children's Advocacy Center and the Dallas Police Department, August 12-15, 2019, Sheraton Hotel Dallas, Dallas, TX. For information go to: or contact:

For additional information regarding School Safety events go to: (calendar events listed on the right hand side of the page).

  • National Marathon and Running Events Safety and Security Summit
    National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security
    Dec. 11-13, 2018
    Orlando, FL
    Information and Registration (fee)


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