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November 3, 2016

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JUSTNETNews is a service of the Justice Technology Information Center, a component of the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) System, a program the Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice. We are always interested in our readers' comments and feedback about this service. Please send your comments, questions, or suggestions to

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Federal Funding Opportunities:

Graduate Research Fellowship in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, application due date is November 21, 2016 11:59 p.m.

Graduate Research Fellowship in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, application due date is November 21, 2016 11:59 p.m.

Funding for Research Assistantship Positions with NIJ, NIJ will provide funds to participating universities to pay salaries and costs associated with research assistants to work on NIJ research projects. Qualified doctoral students have until January 27, 2017 to work with their schools to apply.

Real-time Crime Forecasting Challenge, application due date is February 28, 2017 11:59 p.m.

Give Us Your Tech Ideas
We are actively seeking ideas to help us identify technology needs and requirements as part of the National Institute of Justice's Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation process.

NLECTC Spotlight

FBI's Cyber Investigation Certification Program

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, the FBI's Cyber Division and the International Association of Chiefs of Police, has developed the new Cyber Investigation Certification Program. The self-guided online program is available to federal, state, local, tribal and territorial law enforcement personnel on the FBI's Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal. Each course has an assessment at the end of the training, and upon successful completion of each course, participants will receive a course certificate. The first responder course is available now and additional courses are in planning and development. To find out more, go to

2017 National Conference on Bullying

The School Safety Advocacy Council's 2017 National Conference on Bullying will be held in Orlando, Fla., March 1-3, 2017. For information and to register, go to

RTI International to Continue Operation of Forensic Technology Center of Excellence

As the result of a competitive bid process, the National Institute of Justice has given a five-year award to RTI International to continue its operation of the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence. The FTCoE transitions new technology into practice via webinars, self-paced online trainings, technology evaluations and more. You can view a video about the FTCo's mission and program at  The video was created for the 2016 International Association of Chiefs of Police conference, held in October 2016.

Operation Prevention Initiative

A new initiative seeks to prevent opioid misuse. Operation Prevention is a partnership between the Drug Enforcement Administration and Discovery Education, formed to educate middle and high school students about the impacts of prescription opioid misuse and heroin use. The free program uses e-learning to provide information to students, teachers and parents on drugs, detecting warning signs of abuse and how to break the cycle of drug abuse. Information on the program, including course materials and digital lesson plans, can be found on the initiative's website,

Smart Policing Initiative Update

Visit to read the October 2016 Smart Policing Initiative Update. This issue features an SPI webinar on community responses to people in crisis, a webinar on tips for implementing crime analysis, and more.

Alternatives to Exclusionary School Disciplinary Practices

In a new Director's Corner, National Institute of Justice Director Nancy Rodriguez discusses several projects under the Comprehensive School Safety Initiative that address concerns about exclusionary school disciplinary practices related to increased likelihood of student involvement in the juvenile or criminal justice system. Since the inception of the initiative in 2014, NIJ has launched 22 projects valued at over $52 million that focus on understanding school suspensions and expulsions and evaluating innovative school discipline approaches. To read the message, go to

Latest Issue of JUSTINFO Now Available

Visit to read the latest issue of JUSTINFO, the biweekly newsletter of the National Criminal Justice Reference Service. Read about new publications, funding opportunities, upcoming events, webinars, online resources and announcements from the U.S. Department of Justice agencies that partner to support NCJRS.

NIJ Fellowship Opportunities Webinar

Information on National Institute of Justice fellowship opportunities is available through a webinar recording. The webinar provides an overview of the research fellowship opportunities provided by NIJ, including the Graduate Research Fellowship Program, W.E.B. DuBois Fellowship, Visiting Fellows Program, New Investigator/Early Career Program and Research Assistantship Program. To view slides and a video, go to

Criminal Justice Technology in the News

Law Enforcement News

Suffolk Police to Deploy License Plate Readers Amid Recent Gang Slayings in Brentwood
Long Island Press, (10/24/2016), Rashed Mian

Suffolk County, N.Y., police plan to use automatic license plate readers to help stem violent gang activity. Using a $1 million state grant, police plan to purchase and deploy at least 50 license plate readers across Brentwood, Central Islip and Bay Shore following six suspected gang-related murders that have occurred since September. The short-term goal is to use the devices to solve open cases, officials said, and ultimately "decimate" the gangs responsible for the crimes. Police believe the technology can be used as a "virtual net" encircling the perimeter of targeted neighborhoods to make it difficult for known gang members to pass through unnoticed. Since September, the department has aggressively targeted known gang members and boosted patrols in and around Brentwood.
Link to Article

LMPD Says Gunshot Detection System Could Help Investigate City's Shootings
WDRB, (10/26/2016, Kyle Mitchell

Police in Louisville, Ky., want to use a gunshot detection system to improve response time and help with investigating shootings. The detection systems use a network of microphones to triangulate the sound of gunshots and provide a location to police. The department recently presented research on the systems to the Louisville Metro Council Public Safety Committee. The department would like to have a system in place within a year.
Link to Article

County to Receive Federal Funds to Combat Drug Trafficking
Sun Current, (10/23/2016), Christiaan Tarbox

Five Wisconsin counties will receive federal funds to help combat drug trafficking, thanks to a special designation from a national drug control program. The counties of Anoka, Dakota, Ramsey, Washington and Hennepin were included in the Wisconsin High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area on Oct. 13. Under the program, the counties would receive future federal resources to aid their drug control efforts.
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There's a New Way to Take Down Drones, and it Doesn't Involve Shotguns
Ars Technica, (10/26/2016), Dan Goodin

A researcher has devised a way to interfere with a drone using a radio transmitter to hijack the device and take control. The original operator's remote control experiences a loss of all functions, including steering, acceleration and altitude. The hack works against any drone that communicates over DSMx, a remote control protocol for operating hobbyist drones, planes, helicopters, cars and boats. The device was presented recently at the PacSec 2016 security conference in Tokyo by Jonathan Andersson, the advanced security research group manager at Trend Micro's TippingPoint DVLab division.
Link to Article

State Launches Program for Students to Anonymously Report Threats, Concerns
Casper Star Tribune, (10/27/2016), Elise Schmelzer

Wyoming students can anonymously report threats or safety concerns to law enforcement and school authorities through a new program. The students can use Safe2Tell Wyoming, a computer and phone application tip line, to report threats of violence, bullying, drug use and other issues. The program is based on the Safe2Tell program launched in Colorado in 2004.
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Donor Gives $18k for Body Cameras for Lebanon Police
Union Leader, (10/31/2016), Meghan Pierce

An anonymous donor has provided $18,000 to pay for 10 body cameras for police in Lebanon, N.H. The donation also covers accessories, hardware, installation, training and support required to integrate the cameras into police operations. The cameras will be shared by the roughly 22 officers assigned to the patrol division and other officers who may be working a uniformed patrol assignment.
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Corrections News

Less Crime, and Fewer Incarcerations
Harvard Gazette, (10/28/2016), Sibella Matthews

New York City experienced a substantial decrease in violent crime and incarcerations in an 18-year period, according to a new study. The paper, "Better by Half: The New York City Story of Winning Large-Scale Decarceration While Increasing Public Safety," was co-authored by Judith Greene, executive director of Justice Strategies, and Vincent Schiraldi, senior research fellow at Harvard Kennedy School's Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management and a former New York City probation commissioner. The paper documents that between 1996 and 2014, the city's serious crime rate fell by 58 percent, while the jail and prison incarceration rate fell by 55 percent.
Link to Article

Use of Force Simulator Demonstrated
Daily Citizen, (10/31/2016)

The Moraine Park Technical College criminal justice-corrections program recently hosted a use of force simulator demonstration for local corrections and law enforcement agencies. The simulator allows students at the Wisconsin college to respond to real-life crisis scenarios in a simulated, virtual environment. Users can hold firearms and other instruments while navigating a simulated scenario projected on a screen. Agencies viewing the simulator included correctional institutions, sheriff's departments and police departments. Security director Dylon Radtke of Dodge Correctional Institution said the simulator showcased promising features for future training and he plans to reserve the equipment to help train his staff.
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Jail Visits Are Going Away. But You Can Chat With an Inmate for 40 Cents a Minute
Miami Herald, (10/27/2016), Gwen Filosa

Monroe County jails in the Florida Keys are among the latest correctional facilities to allow only video visits with inmates. The sheriff is installing a digital system that will allow people to have virtual visits with inmates from their homes for about 40 cents per minute. It will remain free to go to a jail to visit an inmate at any of three county jails across the Florida Keys, but as of November 7, all visits will be conducted through video and must be scheduled at least eight hours in advance, according to Deputy Becky Herrin, spokeswoman for the Monroe Sheriff's Office.
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A Prison Drama Written and Performed by Prisoners
WBHM, (10/28/2016), Andrew Yeager

A new radio drama written and performed by prison inmates is airing on an Alabama radio station. "Corrections" is a health-themed drama produced by the University of Alabama at Birmingham and written and performed by inmates at the Donaldson Correctional Facility in western Jefferson County. The first episode aired recently on WJLD AM 1400.
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Upcoming Events

For additional information on these events go to:

  • Collecting Footwear and Tire Impressions in Snow - On demand presentation
  • School Safety Leadership Academy, November 10-11, 2016, Palm Springs, CA.
  • American Probation and Parole Association: Winter Training Institute,
    Reno, NV, January 8-11, 2017
  • American Correctional Association Conference, San Antonio, TX,
    January 20-25, 2017
  • 2017 National Conference on Bullying, March 1-3, 2017, Orlando, FL.
New Publications

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eTechBeat October 2016,
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Understanding Digital Footprints: Steps to Protect Personal Information. A Guide for Law Enforcement,
U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance, et al.,

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The Future of Youth Justice: A Community-Based Alternative to the Youth Prison Model,
National Institute of Justice and John F. Kennedy School of Government Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management, Harvard University,


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