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In This Issue: March 29, 2018
NLECTC Spotlight

Check Out New Articles on NIJ Publications, Campus Safewalk App and "Report, Don't Repost" Campaign, the Justice Technology Information Center's school safety website, now features three new articles: "BYU Expands Campus Safety With Virtual Safewalks," "Pender County Reminds Community to "Report, Don't Repost" " and "Improving School Climate Leads to Positive Youth Development, Safer Schools." While you're on the site, browse all of the success stories, view additional resources and check out the calendar of events.

Department of Justice Announces Second Annual Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service in Policing

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced the Second Annual Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service in Policing. The award recognizes individual state, local or tribal sworn, rank-and-file police officers and deputies for exceptional efforts in community policing. The awarded officers or deputies will have demonstrated active engagement with the community in one of three areas: criminal investigations, field operations or innovations in policing. Within each category, an award will be given to law enforcement agencies serving small, medium and large jurisdictions. Nominations will remain open until April 23, 2018. The application for nominees can be found at For additional information, see

Information From IACP Net

IACP Net is an online information network that provides law enforcement leaders with resources, tools and a large library of publications and data. New items include an article on "Enhancing Crime Scene Capabilities with Quadcopter Systems." This article, which appears in the Spring 2018 issue of Evidence Technology Magazine, points out that when working an outdoor crime scene, law enforcement agencies face several concerns, including the need to map or reconstruct a scene, create an image of the scene for later use and mark each piece of evidence in a meticulous way. This can be done efficiently by using quadcopter systems accompanied by the right software tools. To view the document, go through IACP Net at or Evidence Technology Magazine at

Federal Funding Opportunities:

For a list of all NIJ funding opportunities, go to:

For a list of all OJP funding opportunities, go to:

Funding Update: Two School Safety Solicitations Canceled. The National Institute of Justice has canceled both Comprehensive School Safety Initiative and Research and Evaluation of Technologies to Improve School Safety solicitations. With the enactment of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018, the funding planned for these solicitations is no longer available for research and evaluation. Instead, it will be used for other purposes under the Stop School Violence Act of 2018. Any questions should be submitted to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service: 1-800-851-3420; TTY at 301-240-6310 (for hearing impaired only); email; fax 301-240-5830; or web chat

Fiscal Year 2018 Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS), all applications are due March 20, 2018.

Strengthening the Medical Examiner-Coroner System Program, all applications are due by 11:59 p.m. eastern time on April 6, 2018.

Communications Technologies Research and Evaluation for Law Enforcement and Corrections Applications, all applications are due by 11:59 p.m. eastern time on April 23, 2018.

Research and Development in Forensic Science for Criminal Justice Purposes, all applications are due by 11:59 p.m. eastern time on April 23, 2018.

Research and Evaluation in Corrections, all applications are due by 11:59 p.m. eastern time on April 23, 2018.

Artificial Intelligence Technology Applied Research and Development for Law Enforcement Applications, all applications are due by 11:59 p.m. eastern time on April 30, 2018.

Research and Evaluation for the Testing and Interpretation of Physical Evidence in Publicly Funded Forensic Laboratories, all applications are due by 11:59 p.m. eastern time on May 7, 2018.

Research and Evaluation on the Administration of Justice, all applications are due by 11:59 p.m. eastern time on May 14, 2018.

Understanding the Impacts of Policing Strategies and Practices, all applications are due by 11:59 p.m. eastern time on May 14, 2018.

Research and Evaluation on Prevention and Mitigation of Domestic Pathways to Terrorism, all applications are due by 11:59 p.m. eastern time on May 21, 2018.

Research on Reducing Violence in Communities, all applications are due by 11:59 p.m. eastern time on May 21, 2018.

Federal Funding Webinars:

Funding Webinar: Research and Evaluation on the Administration of Justice, April 04, 2018, 3:00-4:00 p.m. ET

Recording Available: OJP FY 2018-19 Tribal Funding Policy Webinar

Federal Funding Resources:

OJP Funding Resource Center: Find current opportunities, solicitation requirements, forms and worksheets, and post-award instructions to help as you apply for and manage OJP awards.

DOJ Program Plan: See summary details of the funding opportunities each DOJ grant-making component is expecting to release or has released in the current fiscal year.

DOJ Grants Financial Guide: Learn about the laws, rules and regulations that affect the financial and administrative management of an OJP award.

Criminal Justice Technology in the News

Law Enforcement News

Distracted Driving Simulator Comes to Pensacola State College
WEARTV, (03/19/2018), Kristie Henderson
A simulator showing the dangers of distracted and impaired driving was part of Pensacola State College's campus safety day. The simulator allows participants to experience the potential consequences of texting and driving and driving under the influence. Also on hand for the event were the Florida Highway Patrol, Pensacola Police, Escambia County EMS and Pensacola Fire Department.
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Police Asking Homeowners to Register Home Surveillance Cameras to Fight Crime
WCNC, (03/20/2018), Brandon Goldner
The Gaston County Police Department in North Carolina is asking homeowners to voluntarily register their home surveillance cameras so investigators can solve crimes quicker. Locations of the cameras will be mapped. Detectives will only use homeowners' cameras if they volunteer, and the department will not be able to remotely access the cameras.
Link to Article

Three Universities Launch National Database to Track School Shootings
The Crime Report, (03/20/2018)
Three universities have created a national, open-source database to track school shootings and develop strategies for countering them. The partnership between John Jay College, the University of Texas at Dallas and Michigan State University, will track fatal shooting attacks that targeted K-12 students or teachers. It also includes cases that resulted in injuries but no deaths; domestic violence; workplace violence; and suicides on school grounds involving a firearm. The database will include data about all publicly known school shootings that resulted in at least one injury from 1990 to Dec. 31, 2016. It will be made public in the spring of 2019.
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MCC's Active Shooter Drill Prepares First Responders
WTOK, (03/21/2018), Perry Robinson
Meridian Community College in Mississippi was recently the scene of an active shooter drill. The training drill is held every other year to prepare law enforcement and paramedics for an emergency. Participating agencies included the MCC, Meridian and Marion police departments, and several other MCC departments. This is the fifth year the school has done disaster response training.
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DUI Exercises Show Students the Dangers of Drunk Driving
WJAC, (03/22/2018), Bridget McClure
Students at Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania used simulators in a recent exercise to better understand what it is like to drive drunk. Students performed a series of tests including mock sobriety tests, a distracted driving simulator, and writing their names and completing puzzles while using impairment simulation goggles. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and members of law enforcement police helped set up the event.
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Washington State Plans Distracted Driving Enforcement Campaign
American Trucker, (03/27/2018)
More than 150 law enforcement agencies in Washington state will be out in force looking for distracted drivers during April 2 to 14. Under a state law termed "Driving Under the Influence of Electronics," drivers may not hold cell phones or watch videos while they are driving, stopped in traffic or at a stop light. It covers tablets, laptops, games or any other hand-held electronic devices; the law also restricts hands-free use to a single touch. Nearly 1,500 drivers have been ticketed each month since the law began in July 2017.
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Council Approves Upgrading Regional Emergency System
King County, (03/26/2018)
The Metropolitan King County Council in Washington state has approved a regional effort to upgrade and modernize the county's emergency communications system known as E911. Once implemented, the updated system network could support the transmission of text, photo and video-to-911, allow for better location identification, and receive automatic collision notification from vehicles and data from medical devices.
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Corrections News

Outside Experts Looking for Ways to Make NC Prisons Safer
WRAL, (03/20/2018), Laura Leslie
A new Prison Reform Advisory Board set up to advise the North Carolina Department of Public Safety on how to improve safety and security for prison workers held its first meeting in March. Department officials briefed the panel on changes that have already been made in the wake of five deaths last year. A corrections officer was beaten to death and four prison workers died in an attempted inmate escape. DPS has increased penalties for rules infractions by inmates, barred anyone convicted of a violent crime from working in prison industries that give them access to tools, increased hiring and training of corrections officers, and issued batons and stab-resistant shirts to more officers.
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Bill Would Ban Drones Near Prisons
Press Republican, (03/23/2018), Brian Molongoski for Watertown Daily Times
The New York state senate has passed a bill that would ban drone use within 1,000 feet of correctional facilities in an effort to thwart attempts to smuggle contraband into prisons. The restrictions would not apply to the operation of a drone approved by the Federal Aviation Administration for commercial purposes. The bill has been sent to the state assembly.
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FDC Investigates After Drone Drops Contraband at Panhandle Prison
Pensacola News Journal, (03/24/2018), Emma Kennedy
Authorities are investigating two confirmed drops of contraband using drones at Florida prisons in the last 30 days. One of those drops was discovered at a Panhandle prison after correctional officers spotted the drone, which was delivering a cellphone and tobacco.
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Drone Flyovers Pose Problems for Southern Vermont Prison
Seven Days, (03/22/2018), Taylor Dobbs
The Vermont Department of Corrections wants the state legislature to pass legislation banning drone flights above prisons. Deputy Corrections Commissioner Mike Touchette recently told a senate committee that there have been about a dozen drones fly over the Southern State Correctional Facility in the last year. The committee subsequently approved a bill approved earlier in March by the Vermont House of Representatives that would limit how close drones can get to state correctional facilities. The bill now goes to the senate floor for consideration.
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Prison Deaths Are Piling up in S.C. -- Does Anybody Care?
The Post and Courier, Opinion, (03/24/2018), Steve Bailey
This opinion piece discusses inmate deaths in South Carolina correctional facilities caused by other inmates or suicide, and possible reasons contributing to the spike in violence.
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Education Opportunities in Prison Are Key to Reducing Crime
Center for American Progress, (03/02/2018), Kathleen Bender
This article discusses how increasing education programs in correctional facilities can benefit inmates and society in general by reducing recidivism and prison costs.
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A Smartphone-Based ‘Office' for Parole Agents
GCN, (03/19/2018), Sara Friedman
An app allows parole field agents to update case files from their smartphones. The Virtual Integrated Mobile Office (VIMO) app is a collaboration between the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the San Diego County Probation Department. The app builds on the county's Probation Utility Mobile Application. Approximately 1,400 officers are currently using VIMO.
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WV Supreme Court: Complete Internet Restriction Violates 1st Amendment
Charleston Gazette-Mail, (03/18/2018), Lacie Pierson
The West Virginia Supreme Court has ruled it is a violation of the First Amendment to completely restrict a person's access to the Internet as a condition of parole from prison, and that such restrictions must be tailored based on the nature of a person's crime. In an opinion handed down March 12, the justices ruled it was unconstitutional for the state parole board to revoke a man's parole because his girlfriend had a computer with Internet access that he didn't use.
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The New Frontier of E-Carceration: Trading Physical for Virtual Prisons
Electronic Frontier Foundation, (03/22/2018), Stephanie Lacambra
This opinion article on electronic monitoring discusses concerns over its use and the need for more regulation and oversight.
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Upcoming Events

For additional information regarding Law Enforcement, Corrections and Courts events go to:

  • 37th Annual American Jail Association Conference, Sacramento, CA, April 21-25, 2018
  • International Association of Law Enforcement Planners (IALEP) - Police Planner's Course, Scottsdale, AZ, April 30 - May 4, 2018,
    For information and registration, visit
  • 13th Annual National School Safety Conference & Exposition, Omni Champions Gate Resort & Spa, Orlando, FL, July 23-27, 2018
  • 43rd Annual American Probation and Parole Association Training Institute, Philadelphia, PA, July 29–August 1, 2018
  • 148th Congress of Correction - American Correctional Association Conference, Minneapolis, MN, August 2-7, 2018
  • 30th Annual Crimes Against Children Conference, Sheraton Hotel, Dallas, TX, August 13-16, 2018

For additional information regarding School Safety events go to: (calendar events listed on the right hand side of the page).

New Publications

The Signs Within: Suicide Prevention Education and Awareness,
COPS Office and the International Association of Chiefs of Police,

Creating and Sustaining a Positive and Communal School Climate,
National Institute of Justice,

Long-Term Stability of Synthetic Cathinones in Forensic Toxicology Samples,
National Institute of Justice,

A Multidisciplinary Validation Study of Nonhuman Animal Models for Forensic Decomposition Research,
National Institute of Justice,

Real-Time Crime Forecasting Challenge: Post-Mortem Analysis Challenge Performance,
National Institute of Justice,

Relationship Dynamics and Teen Dating Violence,
National Institute of Justice,

Scalable High-Resolution Forecasting of Sparse Spatiotemporal Events with Kernel Methods: A Winning Solution to the NIJ "Real-Time Crime Forecasting Challenge,"
National Institute of Justice,

School Safety Policies and Programs Administered by the U.S. Federal Government: 1990–2016,
National Institute of Justice,


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