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In This Issue: February 1, 2018
NLECTC Spotlight

Boston Consortium Creates Free Active Shooter Video;

Visit, the Justice Technology Information Center's school safety website, to read "Institutions of Higher Learning Enthused About Free Active Shooter Video." This new success story highlights a new free active shooter video targeting institutions of higher learning available through the efforts of the Boston Consortium. While you're visiting, check out more success stories, links to additional resources and a calendar of events.

NIJ Director's Corner Focuses on Officer Safety

Read NIJ Director David Muhlhausen's new Director's Corner message, "Improved Officer Safety in 2017 – and Beyond" at In this article, Dr. Muhlhausen looks at NIJ's efforts in the areas of traffic safety; body armor and other equipment standards; and safety, health and wellness research.

NIJ Journal Article Looks at 3D Printing as Crimefighting Tool

You can go to to read "The Next Generation of Crime Tools and Challenges: 3D Printing," a new NIJ Journal article about the intersection of 3D printing and criminal justice.

Although it is relatively new from the perspective of its appearance in criminal investigations, 3D printing technology is not new. It originated in the 1980s; only in the past decade have 3D printers become smaller and affordable enough for the mass market.
Federal Funding Opportunities:

Fiscal Year 2018 Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS), all applications are due March 20, 2018.

Criminal Justice Technology in the News

Law Enforcement News

Proper Needlestick Hand Protection Amidst the Opioid Crisis
EHS Today, (01/24/2018), Kirstie Conklin
This article takes an in-depth look at why needlestick protection for first responders, including law enforcement officers, is more important than ever in light of the increasing opioid epidemic. Agencies are encouraged to take a close look at their PPE and training programs.
Link to Article

Burlington Speeds 911 Cellphone Calls
Boston Globe, (01/25/2018), John Laidler
Since transitioning to the Massachusetts 911 Department's Wireless Direct Program, the Burlington Police Department has averaged an additional dozen cell phone calls to its dispatch center each day. The Wireless Direct Program sends all 911 calls from cellphones located in the town to the dispatch center, rather than their being routed to the state police.
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State Police Recovering After Gunfight Near Union City
WTVB, (01/24/2018), John McNeill
Two members of the Michigan State Police involved in a cold case murder investigation were wounded by a suspect on Jan. 23 as they attempted to serve a search warrant while in the company of four other officers. One of the officers took a shot to his chest that was stopped by his ballistic-resistant vest; the other was shot in the collarbone above his vest. The suspect was later found dead of a gunshot wound in a nearby field.
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Blue Line Beasts: Wood-Ridge Officer Runs Social Media Monster for Fit Cops
Ridgefield Park Daily Voice, (01/26/2018), Cecilia Levine
In 2015, Wood-Ridge Officer Mark Torsiello started the Blue Line Beasts Facebook page to inspire his fellow law enforcement officers to take more time to ensure physical fitness. The site now has more than 110,000 followers and in addition to inspiring officers to work out more and become more fit officers, it has also taken on a number of fundraising causes and created a nationwide sense of community among its followers.
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Canal Fulton Police Use 'Cop Trading Cards' to Help Connect With Youths
Akron Beacon-Journal, (01/25/2018), Rick Armon
Several police departments near Akron, Ohio, have revived a decades-old concept of handing out police trading cards. The cards, which resemble major league baseball trading cards, contain photos of officers and personal information that helps young residents connect with officers on a personal level.
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Anne Arundel Reboots a Retooled D.A.R.E. Drug Education Program
Baltimore Sun, (01/26/2018), E.B. Furgurson III
Maryland's Anne Arundel County has launched a revamped version of the D.A.R.E. program that focuses more on role play and less on traditional classroom lecture. The program, which was popular in the 1990s, brings law enforcement officers into the classroom to assist in providing drug education to elementary and middle school students. The new focus came about because of the growing opioid epidemic.
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Local Police Dept. Seeks Grant to Keep Pace With Smarter Smartphones
KWTX, (01/30/2018), Rissa Shaw
Since its 2013 purchase of a Cellebrite device to extract information from cellphones, the Hewitt (Texas) Police Department has shared the technology with other agencies, performing cellphone searches for approximately 20 local departments and even the FBI. Now, the agency seeks grant dollars to purchase an updated version of the technology that will keep pace with advances in smartphone technology.
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GRPD Adding Children to Video Training Scenarios
WOOD, (01/30/2018), Joe LaFurgey
In keeping with Grand Rapids Police Chief David Rahinksy's promise to improve policy and training regarding children, the police department has added several scenarios involving children to its video training simulator. The department came under fire in December 2017 for an incident involving handcuffing an 11-year-old girl during a search for a wanted adult woman.
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Corrections News

Environmental Programs Grow a Better Prison System
Green Biz, (01/25/2018), Sara Hicks
This article examines the various ways that "going green" can improve recidivism outcomes, including through providing stimulation and improving mental health as well as teaching inmates skills that they could use to find employment on release. In addition, implementing such programs can reduce operating costs.
Link to Article

Study: Pretrial Detention Makes Poor People Plead Guilty
Splinter, (01/26/2018), Hamilton Nolan
This article briefly looks at recently published research that indicates holding individuals in pretrial detention makes them more likely to plead guilty than individuals on pretrial release. The latter individuals are also more likely to be employed several years after the hearing.
Link to Article

Over the Limit: DUI Solutions That Target Drinking Not Driving
The Sentinel, (01/28/2018), Joshua Vaughn
Alcohol monitoring programs in North Dakota and Pennsylvania, profiled in this article, have helped reduce repeat DUI offenses by targeting individuals' drinking habits. Each program uses a different type of technology to monitor alcohol consumption and potentially stop individuals from driving while intoxicated.
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Wireless Industry: Court Orders Needed to Block Prison Calls
Sacramento Bee, (01/29/2018), Meg Kinnard for the Associated Press
The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association has written a letter to the Federal Communications Commission speaking out against proposals to allow blocking of cellular signals near correctional facilities to prevent prisoners from using contraband cellphones. Rather, the CTIA says that judicial review and court orders provide the most effective way to stop illicit use of the devices. Devices that mimic cell towers could be used to capture the numbers of phones that remain in inmate hands.
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Algorithms and Justice: Scrapping the 'Black Box'
The Crime Report, (01/26/2018), Cynthia Rudin
This opinion piece, written by a researcher, looks at the pros and cons of using various types of predictive algorithms and tools to assess offenders' risk of committing another crime. Such tools are often used to make decisions about probation, parole and release.
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New Law Addresses Need to Reduce Illinois' Prison Numbers
Herald & Review News Service, (01/28/2018), Edith Brady-Lunny and Ted Gest
Illinois' efforts to reduce its correctional population include local criminal justice councils, sentencing reform, keeping minor offenders under probation supervision, expanded criteria for reducing sentences and repealing mandatory minimum sentences for some crimes. All of these efforts are taking place under a new law aimed at achieving a drastic reduction in the state's prison population.
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Upcoming Events

For additional information regarding Law Enforcement, Corrections, Courts and School Safety events go to:

  • 2018 National Conference on Bullying, Grand Sierra Resort, Reno/Tahoe, NV, March 7-9, 2018
  • 13th Annual National School Safety Conference & Exposition, Omni Champions Gate Resort & Spa, Orlando, FL, July 23-27, 2018
  • 30th Annual Crimes Against Children Conference, Sheraton Hotel, Dallas, TX, August 13-16, 2018
New Publications

RESCUE, RESPONSE, AND RESILIENCE: A critical incident review of the Orlando public safety response to the attack on the Pulse nightclub,
COPS Office and Police Foundation,


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