Submit Stab-Resistant Body Armor for Testing (NIJ Standard - 0115.00)

Manufacturers interested in submitting armor for compliance testing should first review NIJ Standard-0115.00 (PDF) to ensure familiarity with testing, labeling and workmanship requirements. Second, the manufacturer should contact an NIJ-approved laboratory to schedule a compliance test. Once the laboratory has been contacted and a test date has been scheduled, the manufacturer should submit three identical armor samples of the same model to the Compliance Testing Program (CTP).

Along with the armor samples, the manufacturer should enclose the following:

  • Documentation that contains a request for the test.
  • The laboratory selected.
  • The tentative date the test has been scheduled.
  • The model designation of the armor model(s) submitted and the protection class(s).
  • Level(s) the samples are to be tested against.

Once the CTP has the armor, staff will inspect the samples to ensure that they meet the labeling/workmanship requirements and that the manufacturer has submitted all the essential documentation. After that, the CTP will forward the test samples to the laboratory for compliance testing.


Vendor for Spikes Used in Stab-Resistant Armor Testing – Updated – 10/31/2017

The National Institute of Justice’s (NIJ’s) Compliance Testing Program (CTP) of the Justice Technology Information Center (JTIC) has identified the following vendor for obtaining the "spikes" used in stab-resistant body armor testing in accordance with NIJ Standard-0115.00 (PDF).

Contra Threat Sciences, LLP
Attention: Adam Williamson
14 Heather Court
Elkton, MD 21921
Phone (410) 920-7738
Contact us:

As additional suppliers are identified, their information will be posted to this page. Parties interested in being a supplier of this consumable test item should contact the CTP.

Contact the Compliance Testing Program (CTP) at –

Phone: (800) 248-2742 or (301) 240-7770 (outside of the U.S./International callers).
Fax: (301) 240-6730  

For further assistance, please contact NLECTC at

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