5/31/2019: Important Announcement about CTP Transition

NIJ Mark

The goal of the NIJ CTP is to provide criminal justice practitioners with confidence that the fielded products in their hands meet applicable requirements and perform as expected. In order to achieve this goal, the NIJ CTP must both independently evaluate products and communicate the results of those evaluations to practitioners.

Although the NIJ CTP maintains a list of compliant products for practitioners to reference, additional reliance has been placed on a specific statement of compliance that manufacturers would apply to compliant products. Unfortunately, some manufacturers that had not demonstrated product compliance to the NIJ CTP or participated in its surveillance program would mimic this NIJ CTP statement of compliance. This created false perceptions concerning those products’ NIJ CTP compliance status, making it difficult for practitioners to make informed decisions.

Controlling the false application and the mimicking of the NIJ statement of compliance proved to be difficult. Fortunately, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) allows product certification bodies similar to the NIJ CTP to register certification marks. An NIJ certification mark registered with the USPTO provides a more controlled and recognizable vehicle for the NIJ CTP to use to communicate a product’s compliance status by providing additional tools to protect against its misuse. As of November 12, 2019, the NIJ Mark is registered with the USPTO under Registration Number 5,906,126.

The NIJ Certification Mark appears below:
NIJ MOdal Listed logo
At a manufacturing location, when a manufacturer applies the NIJ Mark to a specific product, the manufacturer is attesting that this specific product represents the same design and construction as that evaluated and tested by the NIJ CTP during initial evaluation and testing, and was constructed under the oversight of the Follow-up Inspection and Testing (FIT) surveillance program.

The NIJ Mark is currently in use by only ballistic-resistant body armor manufacturers and may be used only on specific models that have both demonstrated compliance with NIJ Standard 0101.06 and participated in the FIT surveillance program.

Additionally, the mark may only be placed on a product adjacent to the following information:

  1. Name, logo or other identification of the listed company (as identified on the Compliant Product List) near the top of the label.
  2. The model designation as it appears on the Notice of Compliance.
  3. The applicable standard (NIJ Standard-0101.06) as it appears on the Notice of Compliance.
  4. Rated level of protection and reference to the standard (including edition) defining this level of protection.
  5. Size (if custom fitted, provision for the name of the individual for whom it is made).
  6. Serial number.
  7. Lot number.
  8. Location of manufacture.
  9. Date of manufacture.
  10. Length of manufacturer’s warranty period for ballistic performance of the model with the originally declared threat level.
  11. Point of contact for information concerning the warranty.
  12. If applicable, a warning that the armor is not intended to protect the wearer from rifle fire.
  13. If applicable, a warning that the armor is not intended to protect the wearer from sharp edged or pointed instruments.
  14. Proper orientation of the ballistic panel in the carrier clearly identified to indicate strike face or body side.
  15. Care instructions for ballistic material in accordance with the current 16 CFR Part 423, Care Labeling of Textile Wearing Apparel and Certain Piece Goods.