Laboratory Application

NIJ requires that models of equipment (i.e., ballistic- or stab-resistant body armor, autoloading pistols) tested for NIJ compliance must be tested at a NIJ-approved laboratory. To be NIJ-approved, a lab must:

  • Be accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology as meeting general international standards for laboratory technical competence and quality management, as well as meeting specific technical requirements to perform the body armor tests included in the NIJ standards. Learn more about the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program.
  • Be an independent, third-party laboratory and conduct all body armor compliance testing within the United States.
  • Demonstrate freedom from potential conflicts of interest and maintain independent decisional relationships from its clients, affiliates, contractors and other organizations.

The Criminal Justice Testing & Evaluation Consortium (CJTEC), located in Raleigh, NC, operates NIJ’s voluntary Compliance Testing Program (CTP). NIJ has authorized CJTEC to accept applications from laboratories that meet the above qualifications for consideration as NIJ-approved laboratories.¬†

IMPORTANT: Please note that the first step in this process is for the laboratory to obtain NVLAP accreditation; please contact NVLAP (contact information below) to learn more about this process before completing and submitting a laboratory application package to CJTEC.

The application package for laboratories to complete after obtaining NVLAP accreditation can be downloaded from our website. The CTP application package explains the roles and responsibilities of each individual party involved in the process and the NIJ-Approved Laboratory Agreement contains specific forms and agreements that must be completed and returned to; in the subject line of the email, please enter “[Name of equipment seeking approval to test] Test Laboratory Application”.¬†

CJTEC, as the administrator of the CTP, will review completed applications upon receipt and either contact the laboratory for additional information/clarification as necessary, or forward on to NIJ for review and approval.


Hazel Richmond, Program Manager
Phone: (301) 975-3024

Alex Sundstrom, CTP Operations Manager
Phone: (919) 541-5888



NIJ Standard-0101.06, Ballistic-Resistant Body Armor (PDF)

NIJ Standard-0115.00, Stab-Resistant Body Armor (PDF)

NIJ Standard-0112.03, Autoloading Pistols (PDF)

CTP Administrative Clarifications