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Field Search is a suite of software products developed by the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC). Field Search was designed specifically for use in the field by non-technical criminal justice personnel to allow them to quickly and efficiently search a target computer and create a detailed report of findings. Access to FieldSearch is strictly for law enforcement and corrections professionals. Field Search for Windows® (FS-Win) runs live in a native Windows environment. Similarly, Field Search for Macintosh (FS-Mac) runs live in the native Mac OS X® environment. This approach provides a fast, powerful, yet easy method of examining and monitoring computer use. In essence, Field Search blends preview functions with evidence gathering and reporting functions.

Originally designed to assist probation and parole officers in sex offender management, the Field Search suite is equally effective in first responder situations or in examining computers for evidence of other crimes.


Field Search quickly finds evidence such as Internet histories, images, multimedia files and results from text searches and easily populates a report of the findings. Click here to learn more about Field Search’s features and to view sample screenshots:

Click here for list of features.

How to Get Your Copy of Field Search

Current Versions:

  • FS Win, Version 4.0: Released April 2012

FS-Win 4.0 provides users with the following new capabilities:

New GUI Interface
- Registry Viewer and Reporter
- RegEditor Tool (Defines Registry Keys to Examine in FS)
- Chrome Browser
- Improved Report Functions
- Improved and Expanded Media File Handling
- Ability for End-User to Create Non-English GUI
- Overall Improved Speed

  • FS Mac: Released April 2012

There is no charge for the software. If you are currently a law enforcement or corrections employee and would like to have access to FieldSearch, manuals and the training video, please click here: https://www.justnet.org/app/fieldsearch/request.aspx.


NLECTC has established a group of Certified Field Search Instructors (CFSIs) to deliver training on this software tool. These instructors have been trained and certified by NLECTC and the developers of Field Search, and are available to agencies in need of training. For more information, please contact the instructors directly. Click here for the current listing of CFSIs.

Become a Certified Field Search Instructor

Agencies interested in developing their own in-house training capability may be interested in sending staff to be trained as a CFSI. For more information on this opportunity, please click here.

Training Video

NLECTC has developed a training video to provide basic instruction on the use of Field Search. If you are a registered user, please go to the download page to view the video: https://www.justnet.org/app/fieldsearch/login.aspx.

If you are not a registered user, you must first request access to the Field Search software. Once you are approved, you can then choose to view the video from the download page.

Articles About Field Search and Offender Computer Monitoring

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Field Search Success Stories

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