Results of Comparative Evaluation of Protective Gloves for Law Enforcement and Corrections Applications

The purpose of NIJ Test Protocol 99-114 is to compare the performance of protective gloves for use by law enforcement, corrections and military personnel. The tables below contain the latest testing results for protective gloves submitted to NLECTC-National between spring 2000 and the present. For more information on testing procedures and the different protection classes, please consult the publications listed below.

NIJ Test Protocol 99-114, Test Protocol for Comparative Evaluations of Protective Gloves for Law Enforcement and Corrections Applications, is currently in the process of being reviewed for possible revision. The Compliance Testing Program is not currently accepting the submission of protective gloves for testing at this time. Please check back for future updates to this program.

Protective Glove Rating System Breakdown:

Threat Type A: Pathogenic resistant (biohazard) B: Cut resistant (blade) C: Puncture resistant (needle)
Testing Criteria Pathogenic Pass Pass/Fail/Not Tested Pass/Fail/Not Tested
Dexterity* High/Moderate Low/Moderate Low/Moderate
Tear High/Moderate High/Moderate High/Moderate
Cut Rating/Not Tested High High/Moderate/Not Tested
Puncture Rating/Not Tested High/Moderate Not Tested High

*Data relating to dexterity is provided in the test reports for each threat type.

List of Glove Manufacturers

Last updated: March 1, 2012