Models That Comply With NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic-Resistance of Body Armor and NIJ Standard-0115.00 for Stab-Resistance of Body Armor

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The following list represents models that are often referred to as "combination armors" because they have been determined to meet the requirements for both ballistic and stab-resistant body armor standards. The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) does not have a standalone standard for combination armors; therefore, the manufacturers of these models have submitted them for full testing through both the ballistic-resistant Compliance Testing Program (CTP) and the stab-resistant CTP, and have received separate NIJ Notices of Compliance for each.  The models below can also be verified for compliance by inspecting the ballistic-resistant Compliant Products List (CPL) and the stab-resistant CPL and noting that the model designations appear on both.


Model Designation


Stab Protection Level


Edged Blde

Armor Express, Inc. GEM-A-DP2A3 IIA 3  
Armor Express, Inc. GEM-A-DP22 II 2  
Armor Express, Inc. GEM-C-DP3A3 IIIA 3  
Gall's Inc. CB-S3-BIIIA-3 IIIA 3  
Gall's Inc. CB-S2-BII-1 II 2  
GH Armor Systems GPMII2-4 II 2  
MKU PVT. Ltd.  MKS-MT-3201   IIIA 2 2
Mine Safety Appliances Company XBK2S2 II 2  
PACA Body Armor CB-S3-BIIIA-3 IIIA 3  
PACA Body Armor CB-S2-BII-1 II 2  
Pacific Safety Products MT2-S2XPL II 2  
Pacific Safety Products GPMII2-4 II 2  
Paraclete CB-S3-BIIIA-3 IIIA 3  
Paraclete CB-S2-BII-1 II 2  
Point Blank Body Armor, Inc. CB-S3-BIIA-1 IIA 3  
Point Blank Body Armor, Inc. CB-S3-BIIIA-3 IIIA 3  
Point Blank Body Armor, Inc. CB-S2-BII-1 II 2  
Protective Materials Technology S.A. de C.V PMT-BBS-III-A-2-2 IIIA 2 2
Protective Products Enterprises CB-S2-BII-1 II 2  
Safariland , LLC MS-3A30S-MT01 IIIA 3  
Safariland , LLC MS-2020S-MT21 II 2  
Safariland , LLC MS-2A30S-MT21 IIA 3  
Safariland , LLC MS-2020S-MT22.1 II 2  
Safariland , LLC MS-2020S-MT22.2 II 2  
Safariland , LLC NS02-2020S-ME II 2  
Survival Armor Inc. B2S2 II 2  
Survival Armor Inc. B3AS3-6 IIIA 3  
TenCate Advanced Armor USA, Inc. D1596 IIIA 2 2
TenCate Advanced Armor USA, Inc. D1679 II 2 2
UNICOR (Federal Prison Industries, Inc.) CB-S3-BIIIA-3 IIIA 3  
UNICOR (Federal Prison Industries, Inc.) CB-S2-BII-1 II 2  

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List updated: June 18, 2018