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Law Enforcement Restraints

The restraint and control of prisoners is one of the most important aspects of officer safety for both law enforcement and corrections personnel. Prisoners who are improperly or inadequately restrained pose an immediate threat to the safety of the personnel responsible for their control and custody, and ultimately, to the safety of the general public.

Previously, NIJ’s Compliance Testing Program (CTP) operated a voluntary compliance testing program for metallic handcuffs in accordance with NIJ Standard-0307.01. That program has ended, and the NIJ list of approved restraints to that standard is no longer available. NIJ has developed and published NIJ Standard-1001.00, Criminal Justice Restraints.  With the publication of this standard, NIJ has also transitioned certification of criminal justice restraints from an NIJ program to private sector organizations (See the Federal Register Notice here). The certification program for these products is operated by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) (Notice: Outside Link). The NIJ list of approved restraints from the previous program is no longer available, but a list of NIJ-approved restraints for criminal justice use, in accordance with the new standard, will be available soon. For more information on the new program operated by SEI, click here