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Metallic Handcuffs Compliance Testing Program - Closed as of September 14, 2016

The restraint and control of prisoners is one of the most important aspects of officer safety for both law enforcement and corrections personnel. Prisoners who are improperly or inadequately restrained pose an immediate threat to the safety of the personnel responsible for their control and custody, and ultimately, to the safety of the general public.

Metallic Handcuffs Compliant Product List

To ensure that the metallic handcuffs used by law enforcement and corrections agencies are safe and reliable, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), through the Law Enforcement Standards Office (OLES), developed a national voluntary minimum performance standard for metallic handcuffs (NIJ Standard-0307.01). This standard specifies requirements for user information, markings, workmanship, weight, dimensions, mechanical strength, salt spray corrosion resistance and cheek-plate tamper resistance.

The testing program was administered by the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center-National (NLECTC-National). Manufacturers seeking NIJ compliance status for their models of metallic handcuffs submitted a sample of the model to NLECTC-National, where the user information, markings and workmanship were inspected to ensure compliance with the NIJ standard. To meet the requirements of the standard, a sample of five handcuffs was tested. For a model to comply fully with the standard, four of the five pairs of handcuffs must meet all of the requirements. Samples were tested at independent laboratories that have been approved by NIJ.

Models tested through NLECTC-National's testing program and found to comply with all the requirements of the standard are listed in NLECTC's Metallic Handcuff Consumer Product List (CPL).

As of September 14, 2016, NIJ has discontinued this compliance testing program for metallic handcuffs. Please see (FRN) for more information.

In accordance with the Federal Register Notice 81 FR 63225, Document Number 2016-22057, the Consumer Product List (CPL) of models tested and found to comply with NIJ Standard-0307.01 will continue to be available on JUSTNET at (link) until September 14, 2017, after which time it will be taken down.

New Standard

NIJ has published a new standard (Criminal Justice Restraints Standard 1001.00) that addresses single use restraints as well as nonmetallic and high security restraints. For information see


Contact (for historical inquiries on this program only)

Justice Technology Information Center (JTIC)
Alex Sundstrom, Testing Coordinator
Phone: (800) 248-2742 or (301) 240-6749