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JTIC oversees an NIJ standards-based testing program in which equipment such as ballistic- and stab-resistant body armor, double-locking metallic handcuffs and semiautomatic pistols are tested on a pass/fail basis. JTIC also conducts comparative evaluations (testing equipment under field conditions) on patrol vehicles, patrol vehicle tires, replacement brake pads and cut-, puncture- and pathogen-resistant gloves.

Standards-Based Testing

Products are tested through NIJ’s voluntary Compliance Testing Program (CTP). Compliant Product Lists (CPLs) list models of products tested by the manufacturer that comply with NIJ standards. Click on the links below to view lists for ballistic-resistant body armor, stab-resistant body armor, metallic handcuffs and semiautomatic pistols.

Comparative Evaluation Programs

Find more general information on the Compliance Testing Program.

Free Access to ASTM Standards for Criminal Justice Professionals

NIJ and ASTM are opening up ASTM’s complete library to eligible law enforcement, corrections and forensics professionals. Visit our NIJ and ASTM Standards Portal page for more information.

Companies Attain Certification to NIJ Body Armor Quality Management Standard

Several companies have attained certification to a National Institute of Justice (NIJ) body armor quality management standard whose purpose is to increase confidence that armor is being produced consistently.

ISO 9001 is a standard for quality management from the International Organization for Standardization. NIJ’s BA 9000, released in 2012, is the application of ISO 9001 specifically to ballistic-resistant body armor manufacturing. Manufacturers who want to become BA 9000 certified must comply with additional requirements.

When a manufacturing facility operates a quality management system certified as conforming to BA 9000, the manufacturer provides additional confidence in its ability to meet the needs of criminal justice practitioners and consistently produce armor that continues to represent armor samples used for initial performance testing.

Additional confidence in the manufacturer’s consistency can reduce frequency of periodic inspections and testing of armor samples under NIJ’s Body Armor Compliance Testing Program.

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Other Testing Programs for Public Safety Equipment to NIJ Standards

NIJ has developed and published NIJ Standard-0117.01, Public Safety Bomb Suits. The certification program for these products is operated by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) (Notice: Outside Link). A list of products tested and found to comply with the standard can be viewed at SEI’s Certified Product List page (Notice: Outside Link).