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Autoloading Pistols for Police Officers

Current Version of the Standard

Autoloading Pistols for Police Officers, NIJ Standard-0112.03, Revision A, July 1999

Autoloading Pistols Compliance Testing Program

Interested in Submitting an Autoloading Pistol Model for NIJ Compliance Testing in Accordance With NIJ Standard-0112.03 Autoloading Pistols for Police Officers?
Manufacturers interested in submitting autoloading pistols for compliance testing should:

  1. Review NIJ Standard-0112.03 to ensure familiarity with testing, user information and workmanship requirements.
  2. Contact the CTP to obtain a copy of their Federal Firearms Licenses. (Only samples shipped from inside the continental United States will be accepted for testing).
  3. Contact an NIJ-approved laboratory to schedule a compliance test.
Once the laboratory has been contacted and a test date has been scheduled, manufacturers should submit two samples of the pistol model, along with a letter requesting the test, to the CTP. This letter should contain:

  1. A statement indicating the samples are being submitted to the CTP for compliance testing in accordance with NIJ Standard-0112.03.
  2. Notification of the test date and testing facility that will conduct the test.
  3. Manufacturer representative contact information.
  4. Preferred method of shipping.

Once the CTP has received the pistol samples, CTP staff will inspect them to ensure they meet the labeling/workmanship requirements identified in the standard and the manufacturer has submitted all required user information. If the test samples meet the initial pre-test inspection criteria, they will be forwarded to the laboratory for compliance testing.

Once the pistol samples have completed laboratory testing, they will be returned to the CTP along with the Compliance Test Report (CTR). CTP staff will review the CTR to ensure it has been accurately completed and examine pistol samples. If the pistol model is determined to have successfully met the requirements of the Standard, a Compliance Letter will be sent to the identified manufacturer representative, the model will be listed on NIJ’s Complaint Product List and the pistol samples will be returned the manufacturer.

Manufacturers having pistol samples determined not to meet the requirements of the standard will be notified of the test result by the test laboratory. The CTR and pistol samples are returned to the CTP for review. Once the CTR has been reviewed and determined to accurate, the pistol samples will be returned to the manufacturer.



Alex Sundstrom, CTP Operations Manager
Phone: (919) 541-5888

Last updated: Oct. 2, 2015