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BWC Information Sought

In December 2013, the SSBT CoE, through NIJ, published a notice within the Federal Register requesting information and comments from vendors in support of this market survey ([4] The following categories of information were sought for the various BWC systems contained herein. As needed, additional comments for the categories are also included here.

1. Model Number and Name of the BWC.

2. Where the BWC is Mounted (e.g., Head, Chest, Glasses, Helmet, Various).

a. Optional mounting locations require add-on accessories.

3. Maximum Video Resolution of the BWC (e.g., 640x480, 1080p).

4. Recording Speed of the BWC (e.g., 30 fps).

a. Recording speeds often depend on the video resolution selected.

5. Recording Format of the BWC (e.g., MPEG-4, MOV).

6. Whether the BWC captures Still Photos.

7. Whether the BWC embeds a Time/Date Stamp in the recorded video.

8. The Field of View of the BWC (e.g., 75°, 120°).

9. The Lux Rating of the BWC.

a. The minimum amount of light that produces an acceptable image. This rating is for normal camera operation and does not take into account any Night Mode.

10. Whether the BWC has a Night Mode and in what format (e.g., Low Light, IR Lens, etc.).

11. Whether the BWC has a Playback Screen for on-person video viewing.

12. The Audio Format of the BWC (e.g., MP2, AAC).

13. Whether the BWC contains Video Safeguards that limit access or editing by users.

14. Whether the BWC has a Pre-Event Record feature. (And, if so, the buffered time and whether the recording includes audio.)

15. Whether the BWC possesses an Event Marking capability.

a. Event marking capabilities provided by offline video management software is considered a “No” response.

16. The Battery Type used by the BWC and whether it is internal or removable.

17. The Recording Life of the BWC battery.

18. The Standby duration of the BWC battery.

19. The Charge Time of the BWC battery (use N/A for disposable batteries only).

20. The onboard memory Storage capacity of the BWC.

21. The Recording Time of the BWC under default resolution settings.

a. Recording time is dependent on the video resolution settings and BWC memory.

22. Whether the BWC possesses a GPS, and if so whether that information is embedded in recorded video.

23. The physical Dimensions (in inches) of the BWC (camera, control unit and/or battery).

24. The Weight of the BWC and all accessories worn by a user.

25. Whether the BWC has undergone Environment Testing, and if so, what standard did it pass.

26. Whether a Warranty comes standard with the BWC unit.

a. A range of warranty durations indicates an optional extended warranty is available.

27. Whether Video Software is available for video management of the BWC recordings, and if so, whether it is required to use the BWC.

28. Whether there is a default Police Radio Interface for the BWC.

29. Whether the BWC is Vehicle Mountable for dashboard applications.

a. Many BWCs that can be mounted in a vehicle require optional accessories; these are not included in the price.

30. The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the BWC.

a. Does not include optional features, accessories or services plans.

31. Whether the BWC has Wireless capabilities to communicate with a computer or external DVR unit.

32. Any Other information or notes that is relevant to the BWC.