Looking to Learn More About Evidence-Based Policing? Our New Topic Page Can Help

October 25, 2016

PhotoThrough the years, evidenced-based policing has been a part of public safety strategy, going by such names as Problem-Oriented Policing, Intelligence-led Policing, COMPSTAT and Hot Spot Policing. Using research to help identify the root causes of crime and then evaluating the effectiveness of certain police tactics in mitigating that crime is not really new. However, the ability to access scientific research to aid in these efforts has certainly changed as more and more academic research databases are made available to the public and public safety, and as more agencies are willing and able to share crime data to fuel academic research in this field.

In an attempt at providing the latest research to help guide policing decisions, JTIC is partnering with the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing to cull the resources that agencies can use to develop strategies for their jurisdictions. A new topic page recently launched on JUSTNET, titled Evidenced-Based Policing, is helping to put practitioners in touch with the growing number of resources available to help identify social, economic and infrastructure factors that can foster crime and those resources that pinpoint the policing strategies that have been found to be effective at reducing it.

As the list of resources on this page continues to grow, it will be organized so that practitioners can browse, perform research and locate resources by types of offenses, such as crimes against persons or property, as well as by strategy, such as Hot Spot Policing or COMPSTAT. Brief descriptions will also help users find research that best fits the problem they want to address, eliminating the need to download or scan a full research document based on title alone.

By continuously monitoring the results of these strategies and making adjustments as necessary, thus building on research and models they already possess, agencies that employ these policing strategies can ultimately become successful in addressing and preventing crime.

Ron Pierce
Deputy Director, JTIC

Ron Pierce is the Deputy Director for the Justice Technology Information Center. Mr. Pierce was an Assistant Chief with the Maryland Park Police (MNCPPC). During his 27 year tenure with Park Police, he served in a myriad of positions and was active in researching, evaluating, and procuring the technology and equipment used by the agency.