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Announcement: October 1, 2019

As of September 30, 2019, the Justice Technology Information Center (JTIC) program has ended. Please note the following changes regarding Points of Contact (POC’s) and information regarding JTIC products and services:

  • NIJ’s Compliance Testing Program (CTP) is now operated by the Criminal Justice Testing & Evaluation Consortium (CJTEC). A new website for CJTEC programs and services is forthcoming. In the interim, information regarding the CTP, including the lists of equipment models tested and found to comply with NIJ Standards, can still be found at or The CTP can be contacted as follows:
    • By Phone: Toll-free at (800) 248-2742 or (919) 541-5888
    • By Email:

Justice Technology Information Center (JTIC)

The Justice Technology Information Center (JTIC) plays a key role in the success of the entire NLECTC system, serving as the information hub. JTIC, through vehicles such as JUSTNET, Facebook®, Twitter and You Tube™, disseminates the information that decision makers need on innovations in the sustainable technology that is transforming the criminal justice system. It is the “go-to source” for those who make decisions regarding the evaluation, selection and purchase of proven and tested methods, equipment and technology.  JTIC also hosts the NIJ Compliance Testing Program for ballistic- and stab-resistant body armor and other officer safety equipment, which conducts equipment testing, reviews and analyzes testing data, and disseminates results.

JTIC also disseminates online newsletters and e-bulletins, including the monthly news magazine e-TechBeat and the weekly JUSTNET-News summary, which includes both news from the NLECTC System and the U.S. Department of Justice, and links to current events about criminal justice technology. The Center also assists NIJ in identifying and prioritizing technology needs and requirements through hosting Special Technical Committees to help inform the revision and development of NIJ standards.