JIC Reports

Report coverThe Justice Innovation Center: Identifying the Needs and Challenges of Criminal Justice Agencies in Small, Rural, Tribal, and Border Areas

Technology is important to improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of the criminal justice system. The development of new technologies and new approaches for applying these technologies has been and will likely continue to be an important catalyst for improvement in law enforcement, corrections, and the courts. However, use of technology in these sectors can be challenging, particularly for agencies located in small, rural, tribal, and border (SRTB) areas.

SRTB justice systems account for three-quarters of all criminal justice agencies nationwide. Because these agencies are so widespread and have relatively few employees, they lack a centralized voice to influence the development of technologies and other solutions. To date, relatively little research has examined the needs of such agencies. 

The Justice Innovation Center (JIC) provides current, rigorous, and actionable information on technology needs and priorities specific to SRTB agencies. JIC’s purpose is to gather information on the challenges that SRTB agencies face, identify relevant technology solutions that can address those challenges, and assess these technology solutions as they are implemented in real-world situations. These activities will provide actionable guidance to SRTB agencies for prioritizing, planning, and implementing technology. 

This report summarizes JIC’s research goals and efforts, including a literature review, in-depth interviews with nearly 150 practitioners and topical experts, and focused discussions with an advisory panel of expert-practitioners.

This report is featured in the January 2017 of TechBeat available at https://www.justnet.org/InteractiveTechBeat/.