JIC News

  • Now in our second year, we are conducting monthly surveys of practitioners as well as working on two field studies evaluating the use of technologies. We continue to talk with justice agencies to develop new field studies, as well as to learn about ongoing technology implementation.
  • Upcoming conferences: JIC staff will be at the National Association of Court Managers conference in Pittsburgh, PA in July and the International Association of Chiefs of Police meeting in San Diego in October. JIC will present on work conducted during its first two years at the American Society of Criminology annual meeting in New Orleans in November.
  • JIC team member Greg Midgette presented information about JIC at the American Jail Association annual meeting in Austin, TX in May 2016. JIC staff also attended the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences in Denver, CO in March, 2016 and the National Sheriff’s Association meetings in Washington, DC in February, 2016.

Tell us where to go! If you know of a conference or meeting where information on JIC’s work would be useful, please let us know by sending an email to askjic@rand.org or one of our expert email addresses.

  • We are visiting agencies across the country to see first-hand the technology solutions they’ve chosen. We’d like to share agency experiences with others who might have the same challenges or be interested in the same technology.

Tell us how you use tech! See our Tech Highlights section for summaries of our first trips, and email us at askJIC@rand.org if you think we should visit your agency.

  • We are conducting a study of time use in small, rural, tribal, and border agencies. In spring and summer 2016, we are conducting site visits to various agencies to observe their work and identify areas where technology can improve efficiency.   
  • We are working with New Mexico Legal Aid to evaluate a new online system serving New Mexico. The new system can be used to request legal assistance for a variety of cases, allowing those in rural areas or far from an NMLA office to connect with legal aid.

Tell us what to do! If you’d like to talk with us about a technology that your agency has implemented or is considering or be a part of our research, use the “contact JIC” link to let us know. 

  • In Year 1, the JIC concentrated on identifying needs and challenges of SRTB agencies with respect to technology. We conducted a survey of about 150 agencies and convened a workshop in December 2015 to gather information about technology needs and practices.