Goals & Partners

The development of new technologies and new approaches for applying these technologies are instrumental for progress in law enforcement, corrections, and the courts. The purpose of the Justice Innovation Center is twofold: to assist SRTB agencies to improve their knowledge of and access to new and existing technologies, and to inform the National Institutes of Justice on the unique needs and priorities of SRBT communities.

The JIC, a partnership between RAND and ASU, has several goals to achieve these purposes. They are:

  1. Identify currently existing needs and issues facing SRTB agencies.
  2. Compare shared needs across corrections, courts, and law enforcement to identify possibilities for overlap and the implementation of shared technologies.
  3. Compare shared needs across small, rural, tribal, and border agencies to again identify possibilities for overlap and the implementation of shared technologies.
  4. Provide feedback to NIJ on the existing needs of SRTB agencies and where technology is either working or failing to meet those needs.
  5. Provide information on technology, through case studies, pilots, and evaluations, to demonstrate how technology, as it exists, is being used to assist SRTB agencies overcome their unique challenges.

To achieve these goals, the JIC has some exciting activities planned for its first year. Currently, the JIC is completing interviews with SRTB justice systems to identify common and unique needs and to identify innovative technologies currently being implemented in the field. Once those have been completed and the responses have been analyzed, the JIC will bring together an expert panel, consisting of both practitioners and subject matter experts, to present and prioritize these needs. The expert panel will also assist the JIC in identifying pilot technologies.