About JIC

JIC works to identify, evaluate, and disseminate technology solutions to the operational challenges of small, rural, tribal, and border (SRTB) law enforcement, courts, and corrections agencies. This page has more information about JIC’s mission and staff.

JIC Ongoing Work

In its first year, JIC interviewed staff in about 150 small, rural, tribal and border agencies and convened an advisory panel to discuss technology successes and challenges.

Monthly Survey

Every month, JIC conducts a short survey on an issue of interest to SRTB agencies. New participants are needed to take this month’s survey and to sign up to be a regular part of the panel.

Evaluation and Reports

     JIC Reports

     Longer reports of more in-depth work.

     Panel Survey Report

     Tabulations from the monthly surveys. 

     Tech Highlights

     Short write-ups about agencies that are using innovative technologies.


Coming soon, an online tool with information about a variety of technologies, where they’re in use, how well they work, and how to get more information.

Related Resources

The JIC is one of three centers of excellence (COEs) in the NLECTC system, which serves as the conduit between researchers and criminal justice professionals in the field for technology issues. Visit the other centers for more information on technology issues in criminal justice.