NIJ and ASTM Work Together to Enhance Standards

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NIJ is actively working with ASTM to move many of the technical/procedural aspects of NIJ's equipment performance standards to ASTM, where they will be developed and/or maintained through ASTM's ongoing standards development/management process. As an example, NIJ's draft 0101.07 standard for ballistic-resistant body armor references detailed ASTM instructions for setup and calibration of test equipment and fixtures. These instructions will be converted into ASTM standards, and future editions of the NIJ Standard will incorporate them by reference. These requirements will be reviewed and updated on a continuing basis by ASTM, which has a larger infrastructure and capacity to manage this type of technical/calibration standards development, and will allow NIJ to focus limited resources on ensuring standards meet broader operational and performance requirements specified by end users.

At the request of the National Institute of Justice, ASTM International convened a committee that included law enforcement and correctional officers, researchers and manufacturers to develop ASTM E3003, Standard Practice for Body Armor Wearer Measurement and Fitting of Armor. The standard contains guidance on proper measurement and fit, as well as a worksheet that an officer can use to perform an assessment of his/her body armor fit.

The ASTM standards development process uses a working group of criminal justice professionals, lab representatives and manufacturers. This group reviews, votes on and revises draft standards. To learn more about the ASTM standards development process, visit:

Find read-only files (not for downloading or printing) that offer further information on standards and terminology here: Be sure to adhere to all ASTM instructions and restrictions when viewing these files.