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March 3, 2016

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Funding Assistance
NLECTC is offering tools and assistance to help Law Enforcement and Corrections agencies locate and apply for funding opportunities.

Federal Funding Opportunities:

Research and Evaluation for the Testing and Interpretation of Physical Evidence in Publicly Funded Forensic Laboratories , Application Deadline: 11:59 p.m. eastern time on April 6, 2016

NOTE: Register to Attend a Webinar for NIJ’s “Research and Evaluation for the Testing and Interpretation of Physical Evidence in Publicly Funded Forensic Laboratories” Solicitation

Postconviction Testing of DNA Evidence to Exonerate the Innocent , Application Deadline: 11:59 p.m. eastern time on April 7, 2016

Developing Improved Means to Collect Digital Evidence, Application Deadline: 11:59 p.m. eastern time on April 14, 2016

Forensic Technology Center of Excellence, Application Deadline: 11:59 p.m. eastern time on May 2, 2016

W.E.B. Du Bois Program of Research on Race and Crime, Application Deadline: 11:59 p.m. eastern time on May 16, 2016

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We are actively seeking ideas to help us identify technology needs and requirements as part of the National Institute of Justice's Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation process.

NLECTC Spotlight

National School Safety Conference

The School Safety Advocacy Council National School Safety Conference will be held July 25-29, 2016, in Orlando, Fla. For information go to

National School Safety Leadership Academy

A School Safety Leadership Academy will be held. Nov. 10-11, 2016 in Palm Springs, Calif. The Leadership Academy is a professional development course for U.S. and international law enforcement and educational leaders. The goal is to improve the administration of overall school safety strategies. The event is sponsored by the School Safety Advocacy Council. For information, go to

Public Crime Lab Process Evaluation Funding Webinar

Register to attend a webinar for the National Institute of Justice's "Research and Evaluation for the Testing and Interpretation of Physical Evidence in Publicly Funded Forensic Laboratories" solicitation. Learn how to submit a strong proposal. The webinar will be held March 8, 2016, at 2 p.m. ET. Register now. Can't make it? Sign up to receive notice when the webinar transcript is available by going to:  Review the solicitation by going to:

SPI Webinar on Collective Efficacy

On March 9, 2016, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET, the Smart Policing Initiative will present a webinar on "Crime Control through Collective Efficacy and Social Cohesion." The idea of the "community" is critical to community oriented policing. An effective crime control strategy is one that acknowledges and embraces the importance of regular citizens in preventing crime and seeks to enhance their ability to do so. Click here to register.

CCIC Five in 5

The Criminal Intelligence Coordinating Council's Five in 5 is a snapshot of law enforcement and criminal intelligence-related articles, resources and research that may be of interest to CICC members and partners working to improve the nation's ability to develop and share criminal intelligence. Topics in this issue include Alabama's efforts to combat human trafficking and the restructuring of the New Orleans Police Department. To subscribe to the newsletter, go to

Criminal Justice Technology in the News

Law Enforcement News

NYS Upgrades Its Facial Recognition Software to Catch Persons of Interest
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, (02/25/2016), Mary Frost

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has upgraded its facial recognition software to make it more difficult to obtain a driver's license under false pretenses. The software uses algorithms of facial characteristics to compare driver's license images with other DMV images. The program has been upgraded to double the number of measurement points mapped to each driver's photograph. The new software is expected to improve the system's ability to combat identity theft and other fraud.
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'We Have to Train for the Extreme': Firefighters, Police Officers Start Task Force to be Prepared for Mass-Casualty Events
Omaha World-Herald, (02/24/2016), Maggie O'Brien

The police and fire departments in Omaha have teamed up to form a new rescue task force to jointly respond to critical incidents such as mass shootings. Nearly every police officer and firefighter will complete the training, which includes how to apply tourniquets, and firefighters wear protective vests and helmets to practice entering a volatile scene, with an armed police officer in the lead.
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Local, Federal, State Agencies Join to Fight Crime in New Real-Time Crime Lab in Hartford
FOX61, (02/24/2016), Samantha Schoenfeld and Matt Scott

Police in Hartford, Conn., have a new real-time crime and data intelligence center. The center will serve as a database for information on crimes committed in Hartford and surrounding towns. It will compile police notes from the field, witness statements, victim information and complaints, and aid in crime stat data and identifying trends. The center will have numerous screens with information from city cameras, ShotSpotter and images of wanted criminals, and can send images to officers on the street. State and federal data will also be available in the system.
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Shot Illinois Deputy Saved by Bulletproof Vest
Evansville Courier & Press via, (02/24/2016), Len Wells

A Lawrence County (Ill.) sheriff's deputy survived a shooting during a traffic stop on February 22 thanks to his ballistic-resistant vest. Deputy Kyle Gilmore stopped a vehicle driven by Keith D. McKinney, who fired and struck Gilmore in the chest, according to investigators. Gilmore underwent surgery and was hospitalized; McKinney has a history of gun violence.
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State Police Launch Body Camera Pilot Program
The News Journal, (02/25/2016), Brittany Horn

The Delaware State Police have launched a body-worn camera pilot program. Twenty-five of the state's 712 troopers will wear the cameras during a 60-day trial. The program will focus on different body cameras, mounting styles and data storage.
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4 Creative Ways Police Are Trying to Reign in Rogue Drones
Tech Insider, (02/25/2016), Danielle Muoio

Law enforcement agencies are experimenting with technology to take down rogue drones. In Tokyo, police drones could be equipped with cameras and nets measuring 6 to 10 feet long to capture wayward drones. Dutch police are experimenting with training birds of prey such as eagles and hawks to take down drones. A "Falcon Shield" being developed by an Italian company would use sensors, radar and cameras to detect a drone's electronic signals and intercept it, take over control and land it. A Michigan professor is working on a method to use a drone to safely disable a rogue drone.
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Fresno Unified Invests $500,000 in Gunshot-Tracking Technology
The Fresno Bee, (02/28/2016), Mackenzie Mays

The Fresno Unified School District is investing $500,000 in gunshot-tracking technology. Fresno police introduced the ShotSpotter system last year in part of the city, using a $15,000 state grant. The Fresno Unified school board voted recently to contribute $500,000 over the next three years, which will expand the system to 24 schools and their surrounding neighborhoods.
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Inside the New Crime Analysis Center in Niagara Falls
Niagara Gazette, (02/29/2016), Rick Pfeiffer

The Niagara Region of New York state has a new crime analysis center. The center, funded with $164,000 from the state Division of Criminal Justice Services, is located within the Niagara Falls police headquarters and features a 12-foot by 6½-foot video wall that displays multiple sources of information, including a computer aided dispatch log and video from public surveillance cameras. Staff can provide information to investigators in the field.
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Corrections News

Tenn. Correctional Facilities to Offer State IDs and Licenses
The Commercial Appeal, (02/24/2016), David Royer

In an effort to ease offenders' re-entry into the community, the Tennessee Department of Corrections will allow them to obtain valid state identification and driver's licenses before their release. The department and the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security have entered into an agreement to buy and install license issuance equipment in the state's correctional facilities. Lack of a valid, government-issued ID can make it difficult for ex-offenders to find employment or housing.
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State Prisons Facing Nursing Shortage
The Associated Press via the Columbus Telegram, (02/29/2016)

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services is struggling to fill 14 nursing positions due to high demand for nurses in the state and a preference by nurses to work elsewhere than a prison. An associate professor of nursing at the University of Nebraska said factors in the state shortage include a lack of faculty at Nebraska nursing schools, increased demand for nurses under the Affordable Care Act and an aging nurse population. The corrections department has added advertising on digital billboards, radio and TV ads, and social media campaigns to its recruitment effort.
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Pierce County Jail Limits Connectivity to Stronger Radio Frequency
The News Tribune, (02/29/2016), Brynn Grimley

Construction elements in parts of the Pierce County Jail in Tacoma, Wash., are making it difficult for corrections staff to use new radios to connect to a 700 MHz communication system. The new radio system was created to unify communication among law enforcement and first responders in the South Sound area of Tacoma, Wash. In older parts of the jail, bullet-proof glass, concrete walls and steel make it difficult for the radios to pick up the new signal or the existing single-band signal. Until a fix is implemented, corrections staff continue to use their old radios.
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Defendants No Longer Asked to Hand Over Passwords
The San Diego Union-Tribune, (02/24/2016), Dana Littlefield

San Diego County prosecutors have stopped asking to have defendants in criminal cases sign a waiver of rights form that allowed police to search cellphones, computers and other types of electronics without a warrant. San Diego Superior Court judges began issuing or granting the waivers in early January. In challenging the waiver policy, the Public Defender's Office contended that the policy was being applied to everyone on felony probation, without discretion, and that it violated its clients' privacy rights. Although a new state law, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, barred police and probation officers from examining a person's emails and other forms of "electronic communication" without obtaining a search warrant, the waivers required defendants to provide that access, if asked. Initially, the District Attorney's Office supported use of the waivers in light of the new law, but has since changed its position.
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Service to Notify Victims About Offenders Via Texts, Emails
Associated Press via The Olympian, (03/01/2016), Kathy McCormack

New Hampshire will begin using a service that will keep crime victims aware of an offender's status via text messages, emails and phone calls. The Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification system is expected to begin in the spring. Victim advocates will be registering crime victims, who will maintain a profile to update their notification preferences and contact information. Currently, victims are notified about an offender's case through the mail and by phone.
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College Behind Bars: An Old Idea With Some New Energy
The Associated Press via, (03/01/2016), Donna Gordon Blankinship

College education in American prisons is getting renewed interest. It's been more than two decades since federal government money was prevented from being used for prison college programs. Private money kept some prison education programs going, and several recent studies have shown those projects reduce recidivism. The U.S. Department of Education has decided to experiment again with federal Pell Grants for inmate students. Forty-seven states have applied to participate in that program.
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Prisoner Accused of Ordering Gang Hit With Secret Cell Phone
KITV, (02/25/2016), Dante Renzulli

Police in Gwinnett County have accused a Georgia prison inmate of ordering a mob-style hit with a cell phone smuggled into jail. The victim, who investigators said had an unpaid $500 debt to the inmate, was killed at his home in November 2015.
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  • Probation System Reform Symposium: Advancing Practice, Changing Lives, April 7-8, 2016, Boston, Ma.
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  • American Correctional Association – 146th Congress of Correction, August 5-10, 2016, Boston, Ma.
  • American Probation and Parole Association's 41st Annual Training Institute, August 28-31, 2016, Cleveland, Oh.
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Analysis of Contactless Fingerprint Minutia,
NIJ Sensor, Surveillance and Biometric Technologies Center of Excellence,

Contactless Fingerprint Minutia Marking Report,
NIJ Sensor, Surveillance and Biometric Technologies Center of Excellence,

Evaluation of Contactless versus Contact Fingerprint Data, Phase 2,
NIJ Sensor, Surveillance and Biometric Technologies Center of Excellence,

Minutia Deviation Tool: Software Design Description (SDD),
NIJ Sensor, Surveillance and Biometric Technologies Center of Excellence,

Minutia Deviation Tool: Software Requirements Specification (SRS),
NIJ Sensor, Surveillance and Biometric Technologies Center of Excellence,

Minutia Deviation Tool: Software Test Description (STD),
NIJ Sensor, Surveillance and Biometric Technologies Center of Excellence,

Minutia Deviation Tool: Software Test Report (STR),
NIJ Sensor, Surveillance and Biometric Technologies Center of Excellence,

Trace DNA from Fingernails: Increasing the Success Rate of Widely Collected Forensic Evidence,
National Institute of Justice,

Characterization of Weapons used in Stab/Slash Attacks,
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Image Stabilized Binoculars with Integrated 3D Facial Recognition Imaging Capabilities, National Institute of Justice,

Long-Range 3D Face Collection, Final Report,
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